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Is my doctor negligent? Not listening about diabetes meds and pancreas pain

My current doctor has not listened to me when I use a diabetes medication and complain about pancreas pain, nausea, have been missing work and using up paid time off that limits me using it for vacation time.
Has any one else sued their dr for negligence?  Is this a question I can ask on this forum?
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You can, but I think you'd need to determine that it's the meds that's causing the pain and nausea first.

I'd suggest going to a different doctor, and getting evaluated before thinking about suing the doctor.

Make sure you don't have pancreatitis - https://www.healthline.com/health/diabetes-and-pancreas



Let us know what happens.

Thank you for that info.  It's looking like my pancreas is not working, possibly due to a medication reaction or a congenital defect, not sure.  I have decided to drop any lawsuit idea, it may not lead anywhere and just waste my time.  Having terrible doctors most of my life has left me wanting someone to pay for all the negligence over the years and the damage done.
I totally understand the frustration.

Focus on finding out what is happening with your pancreas, and healing that, and keeping your diabetes in check.

Hang in there, and keep us posted on how you're doing. :)
Thank you!  Will keep you posted.  I am going to acupuncture in the meantime, which is helping with pancreas pain.  
Acupuncture is helping with pancreas pain.  The acupuncturist taught me how to massage the spleen channels in my legs when the pancreas pain starts, and it's relieving that pain!  Will keep you updated as I continue treatment.  
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Are you using an endocrinologist for your diabetes?
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I spoke with a Lawyer recently about suing for malpractice and it is very hard to sue for this.  You either have to have died or have permanent damage from what your doctor did
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Laurie_White said:

"...either have to have died or have permanent damage"
That is exactly correct. That's not a matter of the law, but the economic practicalities of the thing. Most medmal sites will outright say, "permanent and catastrophic" injury.

Paying doctors to testify costs a gigantic fortune. Doctors even have to be paid before any trial, just for you to qualify to file a case. Because there have been so many no-merit cases filed over the many years, most courts now require a 'certificate of merit' to file (unless you file yourself, pro se).

Plus, age matters and future income. They hire an 'economist' to compute how much the victim would have earned, but now won't. It's pretty mercenary.

Not all medical injuries are medmal though. A doc must have violated the 'standard of care'.

Sometimes, if a particular doc has a history of losing similar medmal cases, lawyers will indeed file on a case that is not a big money winner, if they think that the doc's insurance will settle easily. That's probably rare, and the sum would not be very large.
Thank you for that information.  I have decided not to sue my doctor, just classify her as an incompetent idiot, and continue seeing my acupuncturist for treatment, which is helping immensely.
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