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Is there any truth in blood sugar testing. Results are all over the place.

I need help.  I am having issues with my blood sugar being high, but I have been having difficulty believing that it is as high as my tester is stating.  I am eating a lot of salads.  Dropped out almost all sugar and it is showing anywhere from 230 to 280 on the One Touch Mini that I have been using.  So tonight after feeling like I have been starving most of the day, LOL...I tested at 280 again...it's like my meter is stuck there.  So I pulled out and older meter and some generic test strips that I have.  I reset the Code on the older meter to make sure it was set up correctly and 5 min after a 280 test, the old Mini put me at 184.  I know that is still high and I know I need to keep working, but how the heck do I test for this...I grabbed the newer tester and reset the code, it was correct...I also used a finger from my right hand instead of my left and after testing 280 a few short minutes earlier, it now tests at 230.  This is a huge difference.  Is there any truth in blood sugar testing?
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I'm having these issues now... a little... but I also know that I run Into his issue when I have an infection. I got a root canal couple weeks ago and had an infection that hadn't shown itself yet.... after the antibiotics things came back to normal... not sure if your male or female.. but women with diabetes also have issues with yeast infections, fungus on feet, small cuts, anything infectious have it looked at or talk to your doctor... with an infection you could eat a ritz cracker and your body respond like it's a loaf of bread.
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Did not know that thanks.
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Our liver also release stored glucose when it thinks the body is starving/needs energy. Have you looked into Low Carb High Fat? I lost 50 pounds that way and brought my A1C down from a 6.7 to a 5.4. I'm also never hungry because I load up on meat, cheese, butter, bacon, avocado, olive oil, nut butters and so much more. I eat less than 30 carbs a day and probably between 100-120 grams of fat.Also blood sugar rises for so many other reasons such as stress, hormones, sickness, weather etc...Meters also have a 10 to 20 percent inaccuracy so your number can be higher or lower than what it shows. It's best to look for a pattern. Try eating more so you're not as hungry, fill up on healthy fats.
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I would believe the test. You can test at differint times of the day.

It's important you believe and act on the results.

I am exercising 3 times a week and hardly eating any carbs.

I'm on 1000 metformin a day and taking 60 units and I'm still not there.
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Mine too was all over then went on low carb diet and went from 7.6 to 5.2 and I lost 20 lbs but my test showed I was high in the morning between 120 and 140 so I started having a snack around 9 -10 pm before bed and now it's down to my lowest of 88 to around 97 I think the long stretch of no food was sending mine up
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everybody thinks its sugar that raises BG.  Its CARBOHYDRATES, Carbs raise BG, ALL carbs raise BG.  sugar is a carb, so is rice, pasta, bread most fruit... ALL will raise BG.

So will illness, infections, steroids...
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Meters can be inaccurate.  Some up to 15% out.

Yes, as diabetes86 says, all carbs raise blood sugar (grains, fruits, starchy vegetables, as well as sugars).

Best diet for managing diabetes is low carb or even ketogenic.

Meds may also be required (metformin / glucophage, or even insulin) if you can't get your sugars down to normal just with diet.

Please have your hba1c tested.  ideally it will be in the 5s range, though American Diabetes Association tends to tell people with diabetes that less than 7.0 is ok.  Let us know.    If your numbers are in the 200s plus you're probably higher.

Keep working at it.  It is possible to control blood sugars well with the right information, diet, exercise, medications.

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Left side of the body is the heart side, so the blood pressure might be different from the two hands.
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I saw a dietician today and the key to keep bs level is to add Protein w the carb. So yes, we need carbs. And it does work. Try it. Let me know she said one should have at least 100-130 carbs daily.
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I think a more appropriate question to you is, what is your objective here? Are u trying to figure out you BG level ata point of time or over a period of time?
I would focus on the levels over time.

I think the key for you will be to measure and trend the values. If they are trending DOWN, I would say that is encouraging and working for you. If the numbers are trending UP the u need to review your diet and exercise.
My biggest problem is I don't believe one tester, maybe new strips. I have another tester and they can have a 50 point difference
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I experience the same problems; back to back readings with 2 different testers and a point range of 50-60.  Who's to say which meter is more accurate??????  This is our LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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