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dear sir, my fasting blood sugar: 103.3mg/dl and HBAIC: 6.7%  Sir this alright?
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fasting BG is not the same as A1c  the A1c is an averaging BG test.  (Blood Sugar is BG)   Both of them are elevated in your results.
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Diabetes86 is correct.  BG is a snapshot measure at the time of collecting a sample of your blood, which measures the glucose level in one moment in time.  The A1c is instead a measure of glycated hemoglobin, which serves as a marker for average blood glucose levels over approximately previous 8 weeks, as this is the half life of red blood cells.  
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your fasting blood sugar is slightly high (normal is < 95, and for most people in the 80s).  Fasting BG of 101 is not enough to get you diagnosed with diabetes.

However, your Hba1c of 6.7  gives you an average blood sugar of around 150.  This is too high.

Normal hba1c is < 5.5 (ideally < 5.0).  Suggest you discuss with your Dr.

Lifestyle measures (weight loss, exercise, avoidance of high carb foods / adoption of a lower carb diet) may all be helpful.  IF these are not enough, medications may also be required.
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Oral glucose tolence report is showing fasting 92mg/dl and after OGTT ist hour 189mg/dl and 2nd hour 184mg/dl in the blood is this problems?
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A 2 hr OGTT should be less 140.   Ideally below 120.   Above 180 is consider diabetic.  Your fasting is still pretty good.

You need to start  to control your sugars with diet, exercise, and if your doctor feels appropriate medications.   But certainly diet and exercise.

Goal one is to get a glucometer if you can and start finding a diet that works for you.  You should measure before a meal and 2 hrs after.  You should be shooting for a diet that keeps your sugar below 140.

Goal two would be to loose weight if you are not in your target range of weight.

A LCHF diet can help with both.    All sodas should be cut out.   White flour, potatoes, white rice, sugar should also be cut out.   If you have to have some sweeter, try KAL Stevia.   It's the closest thing to real sugar I've found.    In Brazil they actual use Stevia to help people control blood sugar.

Hopefully you'll be able to get your A1C down, because your fasting is still pretty good.  

Be well

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thanks sir
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