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Latest Treatment Trends for Type 2 Diabetes

So, often treatment follows in trend style with certain things being used a lot and then a new way of treating becomes en vogue.  What's the current typical regimen of treatment for someone newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?
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Conventional treatment for T2 diabetes was oral medications, low fat high carb diet.  Weight loss and exercise were recommended.

The weight normalization and exercise are still recommended.  However, the latest approach is to take a much more aggressive approach to diet.  NOT low fat, high carb any more, but instead low carb, moderate protein and enough fat for energy.  This is the approach endorsed by Dr. Richard Berstein (Book: diabetes solutions, and U-tube lecture series "Bernstein Diabetes University") and also many who follow ketogenic or low carb way of eating.   There is a large group of people who are being coached by VirtaHealth Group in the same approach and with often outstanding results.  Some people can even get off medications and as long as they keep following the low carb way of eating have apparently reversed their diabetes.

So, lifestyle is even more critical for T2.  And it can make all the difference.
A vegan diet is strongly recommended by Neal Bernard MD.   Disclosure. He is  strongly for veganism as the healthiest way of eating for everybody and especially diabetics.
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Good info.  Need to rethink my diet!  This is challenging for me but necessary.  Artmesia, do you follow a vegan diet?  Tips?
Some take medications?  Is there anything new coming down the pike or is it still metformin and that class of meds?
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vegan diet is not necessary for everyone.  It also take knowledge and supplementation (B vitamins) to do it in a healthy way. Need to pay attention to getting adequate protein.  Alternative is simply lower carb eating.
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Super_sally8888. You replied before. I took Ciproflox and trouble now? if you respond I tell you every thing
Hi Matin. Lots of people have trouble with ciproflox.  However, I don't know too much about it.
I am very much in trouble for  Ciproflox,  Too much sugar ups and down, feelings in the head  If I  sit down sugar goes high quickly, If I walk, sugar goes low quickly. I went to emergency yestarday, Heart liver Kidney is OK. They say it will go over time.. But I cannot control sugar by insulin. Seems exhusted, it does not follow rule, I can manage only morning sugar
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