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Learning about Diabetes...confused

I am not diabetic but pre-diabetic. I have hashimotos and currently take levothyroxine 75 mg. I had been urinating every 5-10 for the last 36 hours. I had someone test my blood sugar late evening yesterday and it was 208 (I was scared to death) I fasted overnight and tested it this morning (108). There are claims that levo raises BS. I am also on a host of other supplements. What should I be doing or what questions should I be asking my doctor.
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your fasting is only slightly high, your after eating BG (blood sugar) however is verry high. ( i am assuming your 208 was after dinner).

Carbohydrates raise BG...  ALL carbs raise BG... eat less carbs have less BG rise.

Google LCHF diet
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A totally normal fasting number is in the mid 80s.
With your current numbers you should see your dr about treatment.  208 post eating is way too high.
Following a low carb diet, and exercise will help. Normalising weight if overweight will also help (much harder with hasimotos).
Levo does not raise blood sugar.  However, if your thyroid is out of wack then that can affect blood sugars.
Get a blood sugar meter and keep track.  YOu can also use the meter to work out which foods do and don't raise blood sugars (by testing about 2 hours after eating).  Your target is < 140 and even better < 120 after eating.  IF higher, then you need to modify what you ate to reduce the carbs.  IF you are still high even on low carb then you need medications.

Diabetes is certainly manageable and is not a death sentence.  But the early and more aggressively you manage it the better the long and very long term outcomes will be.
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I would suggest you work with an endocrinologist in conjunction with your regular physician if you aren't already.  The problems with forums like this is, you're getting information second hand and normally not from qualified health care professionals.  The information will fluctuate.

My wife's endo says a fasting blood glucose level should be less than 100.  He is completely satisfied with that and information above says 80.

Each of us are different and respond differently to different meds.  Again, I suggest seeing and endo if you aren't already.

Good luck and keep in touch around here.
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