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Metformin vs Vitamin B12


I was referred to a neurologist for my sudden arm weakness.  She asked that in my next blood panel, check the B12 level, it should by in the 500 range.  I did and it was 0.83!  I started a daily high dose B12 supplement and 4 months later it was up to 1407.  I backed off to an every-other-day B12 pill and no problems since.  Previously I wasn't a vitamin taker.  The real shocker?  My episodes happened shortly after beginning METFORMIN for a diabetic condition.  Even my internist wasn't aware of the connection.  He googled B12 vs Metformin on his laptop while I was in his office and his face lit up.  B12 is vital for nerve health.   No B12 and the nerve sheath begins to break down resulting is all sorts of issues. I was guided to the Metformin-B12 issue from a FaceBook post, or was it an ad?  Googled it and all sorts of things popped up.
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I take Vitamin B complex everyday to help hold down nerve pain in my feet.
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Metformin can deplete vitamin B12 for some people.  So while it is a very useful drug for diabetes management / improving insulin sensitivity, it can be wise to take a b vitamin supplement while taking it.  Glad that you are feeling better now.
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vitamin supplement
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