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Hi Folks,
I have prediabetes for the last 8 years or so and have been controlling with diet so far.I was doing lot of excercise and physical stuff for  Initial 4 years but 4 years or so have been quite lazy and not doing much excercise due to my work routine as I work shifts and can not manage to maintain same routine everyday. As a result my A1C numbers have been going up. Last year in December my A1c was 6.5 and this year 6.1 (slight improvement but still much higher). In addition I also had low Vitamin D last and doctor asked me to take Vitamnin d regularly which I did not take seriously. Had my tests done again including Testesterone levels this time and my Sugar is high , Vitamin D is low and Testesterone is also quite low ( 190). I am going to see my doctor next week and will discuss the options for Testesterone injection. In addition to the blood tests, I also feel some symptoms of arthritis like condition in my fingers and get tired very quickly. I would like to know what folks think on this forum with regards to my treatment options, Should I go on medication for Diabetes or just treat the low T and control the diabetes with diet alone?  I am only 38 and have very active life/marriage. What does the future look for me ? How long can I go on like this and will be recover the low T or will be on meds permanently? Thanks.
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If you get consistently high blood glucose even-though you do your diet, you should immediately start with drugs specially if you don't have time for exercise. Uncontrolled diabetes may cause stroke, heart attack, amputation, blindness, decreased life expectancy, kidney failure, etc. All of this I can be sure that most people will experience themselves if they dont control their blood glucose. You will be fine now but you wont in the future.

Unfortunately, most diabetic people need a lifelong drugs or insulin. I have a glaucoma and I have been using drugs since my teenager days. I know this is very hard to tale drugs everyday for the rest of our lives but this is for the best. The cost for treating stroke, heart attack, etc are more expensive than the drugs. For my case, i need to take my drug to prevent blindness, something that I dont want to experience just because I dont want to takedrugs. At best, you only need 1 drug for your diabetes which is metformin, very cheap.

Low testoterone should be the least concern.

Vitamin D deficiency can be treated with sunlight exposure. Simply going outdoor for half an hour a day is free of cost. However, vitamin D supplement is an alternative.

Thanks. I also have glaucoma and use eye drops and so far it has been in good control.
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I would not use drugs to control diabetes unless it is the last resort. Once Metformin (which has many, many BAD side affects) and insulin become a part of your daily regiment often more drugs follow due to blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. If I were you, I'd research using Berberine, a natural supplement. The Mayo clinic website has good information about Berberine. Berberine has been proven to reduce blood sugar levels as well as, if not better than Metformin. Of course, have your A1C checked every 90 days when establishing this regimen to ensure it is helping you. As far as the Vitamin D deficiency, it's alot more common than we know and could contribute to your lack of energy. I'd definitely take the Vitamin D. I personally take, on doctors orders, 4000 MG a day. I am told this is a very high dose but what I need. Until you establish the dose required for you, have your blood checked, as doctor recommends, because you can get too much Vitamin D in your system. A good Omega 3 can help with the arthritis symptoms. I'd begin these holistic options, check A1C and bloodwork in 90 days and be cognizant of physical activity before beginning any drugs as these steps may help you continue to control the diabetes without drugs. You have shown the discipline to do so. Keep in mind holistic supplements can take up to 30 days to get into your system and make a difference. Good Luck!!
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