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My fasting sugar level is 126 and pp is 95. what to do

i am worried about my fasting levels although random and pp levels are between 88 to 110. what is the problem and what to do
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In some people in very early diabetes, the first number to become abnormal may be the fasting one, even while the post eating numbers are normal.

Ideally fasting numbers will be in the low 80s (range 70 - 90).

The high fasting is probably due to your liver putting out sugar in response to overnight fasting (and your pancreas is not able to catch up with that), though it can still respond ok to day time meals.

Approach is still the same as for regular diabetes.  Lose weight if overweight, low carb diet, exercise.  You could also try having a small snack at bedtime (mostly fat / protein. Ie. egg and some cheese etc.), which will shorten the duration of your fasting and may help reduce the liver effect.

If your Dr will agree, a dose of metformin (an insulin sensitiser) at bedtime may also be helpful to get this under control.

With the high fasting you will very likely progress to overt diabetes if you do nothing.  however, there is much you can do to delay / prevent this progression.

Please do keep monitoring and vigilant.  Diabetes is not a death sentence if it is managed well.  It is just a lifetime condition to be dealt with.
is metformin a diabetic specific medicine and will i become dependent on it. Am i a diabetic right now
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When do you take your PP   I know after you eat... how long after?
2 hours after breafast
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Hi Metformin is a  medication that is typically used for diabetes (it is a first line drug).  It is also used as an insulin sensitizer in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome.

I have read that there is some evidence that it has a protective effect against heart disease and that there are trials ongoing.

It is not a drug that people become dependent on.

Consistent fasting blood sugar levels of  120 (some say > 140 peak) then you may need to adjust what you are eating to eat foods with less carbs / more protein / fat which will digest more slowly and have less impact on blood sugars.
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Btw, what is your typical breakfast that will give you that number afterwards.  I would have a different interpretation of your results if your breakfast were bacon, eggs and tomato (low carb) than if it were cereal, fruit juice and toast (very high carb).

i had 2 wheat toast without butter with an omelate
what should i have in dinner to get better fasting no. Plus am i a diabetic right now or there is still some time for me to be called that. Also can i have a glass of skimmed milk in the night
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We cant say if your diabetic now (not enough info)  Google diabetic blood sugar threshold.

Try testing 1 hour after breakfast.
is it impaired fasting which does not require any medication
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I cant find where you say what your fasting numbers are.  

It doesent mater when BG is out of wak.  If its out of wak, NOT treating it will result in complications far down the road.
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