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Need opinion on the latest glucose results

Today i got diagnosed for Sugar test and the results are as below:

March 2011 results:
Fasting sugar level: 85 mg/dL
Post lunch sugar level: 129 mg/dL

May 2011 results:
Fasting sugar level: 94 mg/dL
Post lunch sugar level:  114 mg/dL

I think my Fasting sugar level is increasing..Is that a concern?

And what inferences you make from this?
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That's very good news Deter. And thanks for updating us. You have had your prostrate checked, right? You might try posting on the Urology forum as diabetes being ruled out you might get further help there. Good luck.
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Your fasting levels are within normal range [60/70 to 99 mg/dl]. Fasting levels are a snapshot of your glucose taken at the time of test. It doesn't tell you what your glucose was two hours, a week or month prior to the test. That is why the results of an A1c test converted to eAG [daily estimated Average Glucose] provides a clearer picture.

Question to you is how long - in hours - after lunch is "Post lunch"?
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"Question to you is how long - in hours - after lunch is "Post lunch"?"

Two hours after a healthy meal...

Tomorrow i am going to see urologist about my frequent urination problem with these reports..
Hope i did not catch diabetes
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Try testing postprandial at 2.5 and 3 hrs. If your glucose still reads over 100 mg/dl then something in your meal plan needs to be avoided. Foods high in simple carbohydrates and sugar [fruits too] will elevate your glucose above normal.

Good luck with the Urologist.
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You can't catch diabetes. Is there a reason you think you may have it? Your numbers are fantastic!!  
Are your excessive urination problems recent? Good that you are going to a urologist.  Are you also excessively  thirsty at these times?
That is another possible indication of high blood sugar/diabetes.  How about taking it during the night a few times, like when you get up to pee.
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I consulted urologist with sugar reports and told abt my problems, looking at the reports he said i dont have diabetes.. And asked me to go for the diagnosis of creatinine and ultrasound of bladder with prevoid and postvoid and liver size,kidney sizes and some other things..

Everything came out normal(kidney sizes,liver sizes,prevoid,postvoid,cretinine report) and also i did not notice any change in thirsty levels.

Urologist suggested me to measure how much water intake i am taking per hour and how much is coming out as urine per hour for three days.. Based on these he is going to give medication..

So i started measuring my urine from today :)
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"You have had your prostrate checked, right?"

In the ultrasound report it is mentioned that "PROSTATE measures 20 gms. It is normal in size and homogeneous ecchotexture."

"You might try posting on the Urology forum as diabetes being ruled out you might get further help there"

Ya,Just posted in the urology forum: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Urology/Gotta-pee-all-the-timevery-disturbing/show/1528010

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
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