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Nerve pain after eating

What would cause my feet to hurt after eating?  This happens a lot of times, especially in the evening.  My diabetes is under control and my blood sugar numbers and A1C are perfect (5.9).  I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and take 3000 mg of gabapentin and three cymbals a day but I still have this unbearable pain.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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"What would cause my feet to hurt after eating?"
How soon after eating do you feel the pain? What are your postprandial levels? If I amp up over 175 mg/dl postprandial I get airplane feet [prickly/tingling], a warning sign from my body.

"My diabetes is under control and my blood sugar numbers and A1C are perfect (5.9)."
An A1c of 5.9% equates to a daily glucose average of 123 mg/dl, not 'perfect'. Perfect would be between 4-5%.

Have you seen a Neurologist? He/she can also refer you to a pain management specialist. Daily 30 - 60 minute exercise helps blood circulation. Walking is very good.
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Hi there,
As a 20 years plus diabetic 2, I suffered the same leg pains aka nerve pains like you , as my A1c coming down to 5.6%, I no longer had leg pains, so try to have a  better A1C number and try not to have your glucose spike more than 145 after meal, I mean ONE HOUR pp, not 2 or 3 hrs which is not correct.
To study this subject further, I suggest that you log onto diabetesdaily.com/forum to listen and learn from longtime diabetic 2 discussions how they treat this common painful issue among longtime diabetic. Good luck
I literally feel your pain. My podiatrist prescribed me Mentax a health food supplement through the pharmacist. Super pricey but it worked for me.
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Thank you so much for your prompt response.  I went to my neurologist ten years ago because of painful feet and after an MRI turned up some white ischemic spots in my brain, I was given a spinal tap that ruled out MS, which was great since it runs in my famiy. At the time I had been a life long drinker of wine, mostly on weekends and quite a bit.  Then I underwent a glucose tolerance test that resulted in 204, so I was determined to be a diabetic.  I then quit drinking pretty much altogether as I figured that it wasn't good to continue since I was diabetic, and I had started to experience severe foot pain 12 hours after each drinking escapade. This hasn't helped at all with my other pain issues, unfortunately.  I forgot to mention that I also take one januvia in the am because before I started on it my post prandial numbers were around 250.  After starting on it a few years ago, they are usually around 120.  The strange thing is that my feet will hurt after a meal, sometimes minutes and sometimes hours afterward, and when I test my blood, my numbers are always about 120.  It's the weirdest thing.  Even eating something like ice cream, which will make my feet hurt immediately, does not cause my numbers to skyrocket.  I've been seeing a neurologist for ten years and have had numerous emgs that show just mild to moderate peripheral neuropathy but my pain says otherwise.  I've even been to the U of WA diabetes clinic and they determined that diabetes is not the cause of my neuropathy, but the UW neurology clinic thought otherwise.  After an extensive emg they just told me I had axonal neuropathy and to keep taking the neurontin. It has me stumped since my feet will hurt even when it's been hours since I ate anything.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?When I last went in for toe surgery my feet hurt and my fasting glucose was 90.  They asked if I was sure I was even diabetic.  I have pretty numb feet and since I grip with my toes I have had severe toe problems that have required two surgeries on each great toe.  Podiatrist says I have Charcot foot but not the disease.  P.S. I am 64 and just retired as a high school teacher.  Oh, and my blood test results of last week show my cholesterol as being 285, which I know is very high, but I can't tolerate statins at all.  Haven't been able to get much exercise lately what with the latest two toe operations since July and the second of two total knee replacements last Valentine's Day.  I just need some help figuring out this foot pain trouble.  There just has to be a better way than my doctor's solution of taking 3000 mg a day of neurontin. Thanks again.  Joyce
I am willing to bet that your consumption of protein needs to be dropped down to about 45 grams per day. I eat low carb, and I have noticed that whenever I ate my protein foods, my feet hurt, so I then dropped down to 45 grams a day from 90 grams, and my feet no longer hurt.
Thanks for the information - it sounds like you are describing exactly my experiences. I have a high fat high protein diet and terrible inflammation after eating every day . So maybe protein is the culprit!! I had never considered that but will certainly be reconsidering because I am so desperate. Any update? Bizarrely my doctor is delighted with my BG levels and tells me I have basically reversed type 2 diabetes although my cholesterol level is a bit high, whatever that really means.
Try ketogenic diet.  This is low carb, moderate protein (0.8 - 1 g protein / kg lean body mass), and high unprocessed and naturally occuring fats.  Ketogenic diet is anti-inflammatory.  It may help.
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Thank you so very much.  You are wonderful to take the time to reply.  I will check it out and will also try to implement your suggestions.
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"try not to have your glucose spike more than 145 after meal,I mean ONE HOUR pp, not 2 or 3 hrs which is not correct."

Postprandial is defined as 2-3 hours after/post a meal, when glucose plateaus in the bloodstream. Thus, it serves as a test of whether a person may have diabetes, or of whether a person who has diabetes is successfully controlling their glucose levels. At 1 hour glucose is still on the rise not providing an accurate assessment. Another example is an OGTT for diabetes screening, the most important sample is the 2 hour sample.

Fradybrady - Consistent high cholesterol not only affects your cardio system but can create poor circulation. Are you aware a misbehaving thyroid disrupts not only insulin production but also is one of many causes of poor circulation? Another thought is food allergies...is it all foods or certain foods and/or food groups that cause the pain? Sorry, I wish I had something better to say but axonal neuropathy and Charcot foot are beyond my means.
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I made sure that a T3/T4 was included in my blood test last week and the numbers came out fine so that has been ruled out.  Thanks so much for your info.  I will get out my results and get you more info asap.
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My thyroid test came back fine so that has been ruled out.  I have started seeing another neurologist who has been trying to determine which foods are causing me pain and it seems like simple carbs eaten alone have been a culprit but then a meal of only pasta with butter was fine, and a protein only meal actually caused me pain a couple of hours later.  I'm just fairly stumped at this point.  Thanks everyone for any input.
I would DO like to know your diagnosis and treatment. because I am in the same exact boat. Ditto to *everything*. as if i wrote it. much pain. if you can, please write me at ***@****
Ditto your ditto. I thought I was the only one. Described my situation to a T. I'm going to try curtailing proteins.
I found that it was eating dairy...too much calcium in diet that caused my pain
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What is your BG when your feet hurt?
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I have terrible nerve pain especially in my feet and lower legs. I've most recently  been told it is idiopathic neuropathy. It makes it so difficult uto fall asleep. MRIs have shown over 9 lesions in my brain. Mone on spinal cord.  but neurologists differ in their opinion. Some say it's MS. Others say not MS.  I had 3 ten pound + babies. But supposedly I'm not diabetic. Not thyroid altho my dad and sister have hypo. At one point my neurosurgeon had me on 3 or 4 meds at once. Lyrica. Cymbalta. Something else.  I gained 40 pounds. I decided to quit everything. The weight fell off thank god. It's TRUE i have become very sedentary. I rarely go on walks. So maybe I'm just destroying myself. When I eat I usually feel worse afterward. A ripe banana is not good, I finally figured out.
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