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My sweet hubby was just diagnosed this week with Diabetes. It is completely overwhelming to me, we are both overweight (although he has already lost some). He looks to me to make the changes for all of us and I'm really lost. I'm confused because I thought carbs= bad, but now I see he can have 45 per meal.  Looking for any guidance that can be offered. thanks, y'all!
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I should add that he started oral meds and I purchased a meter and supplies to keep an eye on it.
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Good that you have a meter, you can test to see what carbs do to him.

You are correct carbs = BG rise...  all carbs raise BG... ALL.   The 45 he can have is a blanket statement they give everyone.  even people like me who cant handle more than15 gr without my  BG climbing into the unhealthy range of over 140.

Test before he eats count the carbs he eats and test 1 hour after he eats (this is the usualy the highest his BG will get) 2 hours after he eats his BG should be nearly back to his pre meal number.  Keep a log of food and BG  you will be able to tell what he can eat and what he cant eat.  eventuly you will be able to test less often.

search for other diabetes forums  There is a lot of help out there.
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