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I was just diagnosed with type 2 and have no idea where to start my sugar is in the 200s please help any advice will be greatly appreciated
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I was just diagnosed with type 2 last Tuesday. My fasting sugar was 278 and my A1C is 11.5. I realized right away how dire my situation is so I have immediately eliminated all starch and sugar and drastically reduce total carbohydrate intake. That, along with basal insulin, metformin and another oral medicine (I forget which), and I just tested at 130.

Your doctor should really be helping you get started, you need a glucometer and testing supplies. The doctor can write you a prescription that will help with insurance. Your doctor should also be giving you a treatment plan and prescriptions for medications to help control your blood sugar. If he/she isn't, find a doctor who will.
Hi, increasing your physical activity can also help with blood sugar management.  This combined with lower carb eating (cut the sugars and get most of your carbs from non-starchy vegetables), and appropriate medication could help in getting your sugars back to normal.
Here's some information on exercise with diabetes from MedHelp.org and the Sugar Sense app. In fact, we have a whole section on it, with information about workouts you can do at home. Y
ou can find this in the app by clicking the menu bar in the upper left and selecting Health Guide, then navigating to the Move More section.
Oh, and to Ray's point, you should put together a diabetes care team if you can! http://www.medhelp.org/diabetes/articles/Your-Health-Care-Team/1820
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100 is normal for sugar level
Hi, for guidance, normal non-diabetic fasting level should be in the range of 70 - 95.  Normal post eating should be in the range of about 80 - 120, ideally closer to 100, and never higher than 140.
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Good advice from Ray

All carbohydrates (carbs) turn to BG (blood sugar) you can start by reducing the carbs you eat.

and try Googleing  "eat to your meter"

Diabetes is controllable.
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