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Newly diagnosed diabetes type 2

I am a newly dignosed diabete type 2 person and am just 23.its has been only 3 months am married.i have discovered my illness on the 1st month of my newly wedding life.am visiting the doctor regularly now.All my hopes,my dreams,my wish are gone now.am depressed,weak and anxious of all precaution,treatment,care for this stupid diabetes.i think that nobody can understand my pain because they are not in my shoes which made me more depressive.the food which i loved,i cannot touch anymore..i am not an overweight person though..i just wanted to live my life as a normal person,no medicine,less visit to the doctor,eat my favourite food,get my positive attitude back,enjoy my new life with my husband..i just want a normal life...
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Hello, given your age and your weight, have you been tested for type 1 diabetes?   Testing for this involves testing c-peptide, insulin levels, and for antibodies.   Please ask your doctor about this, particularly if the medications you have been given seem not to be working very well.

Diabetes is surely a shock diagnoses.  But it can be manageable.

I suggest you look into low carb / ketogenic diet.  It can be very helpful.  There are many delicious foods available, and as this way of eating is becoming more popular and more common, you will find more choices.

Please also check out Bernstein Diabetes University on U-tube for very comprehensive lectures and information sessions.
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Do your research, pay attention to your body and how you feel based on certain foods you eat?  Also crowding out foods that are processed and adding more plant base.  I found many amazing recipes on Pintrest based on my individual needs.  Another great tool I use is podcast.  My favorite host is Ashley James.  She has many natural healers to share tips to help many conditions.  I listen to it on my way to work just to get the knowledge.  I have learned so much.  Good luck in your health journey
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I am newly diagnosed too(less than a month ago) and have focused on lean meats and plant based foods as well. I have added water aerobics and strength training in my routine along with oral medication. Thanks to Aetna's wellness topics as I have learned a lot about my metabolic disorder(caused by PCOS) and diabetes. I use my fitness pal to track foods and exercise. I hope when I go in next time(October) to get A1C, that it shows improvement. Fingers crossed! Thanks for sharing! I am going to check out the podcast.
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It was a shock for me too and felt it is unfair as I don't eat sweets and overall take good care of myself. To your benefit, it is manageable and to start your marriage eating good and getting your new husband on your new lifestyle is to your advantage! I have been married 25 years with 3 college kids still living at home and to have them adjust to my new lifestyle isn't happening! You can do this!!
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