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I promised to check back after seeing an endocrinologist. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I have a low A1c and my weight is low but with a family history and symptoms along with elevated blood sugar., the physician said I'm diabetic. The A1c confused me as every other doctor says I'm fine. I'm taking a glucose tolerance test soon for 3hrs. Anyway, thanks for the supportive answers. You are all so helpful. I'm meeting a nutritionist Tuesday. Ironically, after not eating dinner, I'm at 162 blood sugar level. I'm relieved to find an answer and relieved to know I will adjust and learn to manage this. Any other tips for me would be great. I had gestational diabetes that went away with the baby weight. Thanks!
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When they do the GTT make sure they test every 15 or 20 minutes.

An A1c is an average BG. so if you have high BG and low BG the average can be normal.  also the A1c is NOT necessarily accurate it assumes that your red Blood cells live 90 days for some people they live less so the time they live for the sugar to stick to them is less and they mesure less sugar and think your A1c is lower than it realy is.
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Thank you! I started to think I was crazy because 3 medical professionals said I couldn't have diabetes, but the Endocrinologist said I do. Ironically, I can't seem to get my BS down this week. It's at 170 during the day...after meals 2hrs...so everyone telling me my numb fingers, thirst, sugary taste, blurred vision and foggy brain are related to something else.
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Sounds like you may need to put together a care team with this endocrinologist and nutritionist. http://www.medhelp.org/diabetes/articles/Why-Do-I-Need-a-Care-Team/2022
Our Sugar Sense app may also be helpful to you, as it allows you to track your blood sugar numbers AND your symptoms. If you have a smartphone, look for it on the App Store or Google Play Store.
You can also find all our articles there in the Health Guide menu, as well as ask questions of the Community in the app. Do come back with more questions and keep us posted on your visit to the nutritionist.
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