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Hi all....I was diagnosed type 2 last month with an A1C of 6.5%.  My doctor did say it takes two readings to confirm so I have another test scheduled in April. I have lost 15 pounds and been tracking my carbs and blood sugar on this site. It estimates my A1C at 5.8.  I know that it is an estimate and I track my numbers 4-5 times daily. My question is, is that a realistic drop in the A1C? Does it drop that quick? It says my average BG is 121.  Thank you
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The A1c is an average of the last 3 months  so taking it again after only 1 month will not give you much of a drop.  better wait for 3 months before re test so you blood can stabilise with the new BG
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Lets see....Type 2 with a 6.5......mine was a 13.8 when diagnosed. Sounds to me like you will be ok.
What is your A1C now?
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My diagnosis was 2 weeks ago and I tested at 13%. - hoping to manage it now. On 10 units of Lantus once a day and 2 x 500mg of metforin for the next 3 months.
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I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in January of this year with an A1C of a 6.7. Two and a half months later through low carb high fat, weight loss and lots of walking I came down to a 5.4. I wasn't told that a second exam would determine official diagnosis. I'll have to ask my doctor when I see her. I've been struggling with diabetes since my twenties (I'm 30 now) so I probably did cross the threshold.
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