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Oral Surgery

I am a pre-diabetic,I was diagnosed in 11/07 and I am controlling my levels with diet and exercise.  My normal levels in the morning are between 79-83 and two hours after meals my normal readings are 89-95 Two weeks ago I had oral surgery and had four wisdom teeth taken out. The surgery went well, and my dentist says that I am healing very nicely and everything looks really good.  Since the surgery my sugar levels have been elevated.  Now in the morning my levels are 88-95 and two hours after meals its 95-120.  Like I said the surgery was two weeks ago, why after the surgery is my sugar on the rise.  Up to that point my levels have been pretty stable.  My last a1c test was 5.4.  If it is the surgery making my sugar elevated how long will it take for it to go back to normal?  and could the surgery cause the elevation, even two weeks after the surgery if I have no infection?
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"I am a pre-diabetic,I was diagnosed in 11/07"

By whom? Yourself? Your glucose levels appear to be fine including your HbA1c. But, with this, I'm going to assume you're not from an Eastern Europen bloc where measurements and labs differ than the USA in glucose mg/dl measurements.

Post back and tell us how your pre-diabetic condition was determined and by whom. Also, tells us what the low and high are for each test as deemed by your test lab.
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I was Diagnosed by my doctor in 11/07.  My first a1c test came back at 6.9.  The a1c test should be below 6.0 for non-diabetic.  According to my lab tests daily readings should be between 70 - 100mg/dl fasting, and under 120mg/dl two hours after eating. My readings are just high for me.  It seems like they are on the rise.  Like today I had breakfast this morning (egg omelet with mushrooms and onions)  normally my reading two hours after that would be 90, well 5 hours after that it was 95...thats high for me.  5 hours after that meal my levels are usually 83-85.  Maybe its just me, maybe I am being too nervous about the readings.
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I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
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.."maybe I am being too nervous about the readings."

I think so. Am I echoing your doctor? But there's nothing wrong about erroring on the side of precaution either. Take for example your breakfast; my body can only tolerate green onions. The others, red, white, & brown, will jack my glucose up, as does the majority of root vegetables. In order to control my diabetes, I educated myself by understanding what foods I can and cannot eat.

Your 1st HbA1c was high (6.9) but your last @ 5.4 says you are controlling your diabetes. A fasting 70-100 mg/dl range is excellent. Is this printed on your lab results or what you think it should be? Check again. My lab has me @ <122 mg/dl fasting and <150 mg/dl 2-4 hours after meals.
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