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I was recently diagnosed diabetic type 2. Can it be reversed? No high cholesterol,no high blood pressure. Sugar. For 3 month check was a 10? I think they say that 7 was ok? Thanks and how can I reverse it?
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Hi tety,

Reversal no but you can control it by diet; start out early and eat only the right foods, stay away from alcohol (very high sugar content), but don't punish yourself, still have your morning coffee, just without donuts hehe

It's great that you have no High chol & BP, but not so good that your blood sugar was 10. Aim to keep it between 5 on the lower end of the scale and no more than 8 on the high scale. If you get into the habit of keeping a regular record of your BSL you will be more in control with what you need to do.

One quick way of bringing your BSL down a couple of points is to drink water. I've found that it fills me up, takes care of the hunger and reduces the reading.

Wishing you the best,

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"I was recently diagnosed diabetic type 2. Can it be reversed?...For 3 month check was a 10"

What is 10?
A level of 10 mmol/l equals 180 mg/dl. An A1c of 10% converted to an eAG [average daily glucose] equals 240 mg/dl. Both high, the latter very high. Getting these to normal levels may not be possible without the aid of medication and changes to lifestyle. What did your doctor say?
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I told them I didn't want to take meds, and if i can do it with diet and exercise he said ok..will i always be classifieds as diabetic? And on my Med.records?
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I'm afraid once diagnosed its yours for life. However it can be controlled with diet as noted above. My doctor refers to me as a success story. I never go over 60 carbs per meal and have lost 55 lbs. I monitor daily alternating between before breakfast and after lunch. My average is hovering around 6 (110).which indicates an a1c of 5.3% which is bang on my last actual lab work. No meds involved at this time. Exercise is very difficult for me due to arthritis in my ankles and knees but I do a lot of grocery shopping. It can be done.
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"will i always be classifieds as diabetic? And on my Med.records?"

Your doctor will have diabetes notated in your medical records. If you reverse your condition doctor will make note of this and classify you as non-diabetic. In early stages of diabetes it is possible to return to normal levels.You can lower your glucose levels by making lifestyle changes; proper nutrition, exercise and weight loss. This, however, may not be possible when your glucose averages 10 mmol/l or your A1c is at 10%. The goal is to not let your diabetes progress further, try to lower it as close to normal as possible and maintain that level at all times.
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Diet, exercise and a low carb diet may help a lot to bring your levels down.  

If you are very overweight, getting your weight back to normal (along with the diet and exercise) could make a big difference.

however, if you are already of normal weight, then I think you will need medication in addition to low carb diet and exercise.

Target for normal blood sugar is not 7.  7 is still in the diabetic range.  Target A1C, normal average blood sugar should ideally be 5 - 5.5.

Also depends when you test.  A 7 2 hours after eating is not terrible (though 6 would be far better).  However a 7 for fasting is not good at all.  Target fasting should be around 5.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes.

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