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Possible Pre-Diabetes ?

Hello all im wanting to know should i be concerned about my blood sugar testing ? i have a home test and i took it Saturday  morning about an hour after i ate but what i had was coffee with sweet n low and half n half and one egg over easy with a table spoon of sausage gravy. i tested and it was 103 , then i didnt eat anything since then it was around 1pm and it was 101 , then i had dinner around 630 pm , and didnt test myself until 1230 am and it was 120 again i didnt eat anything in between . then Sunday morning after i awoke i tested again it was 104 ,Then i just tested myself again this morning and it was 120 ,the only thing i had this morning was coffee . are these numbers indacating that i may be developing pre diabetes ? My mother is a diabetic and both her parents were diabetics. So am i at risk of poss. getting type 2 diabetes ? i mean i have been feeling tired lately , my urine has been smelling sweet but not as strong , i noticed my eye site seems to be getting worse kinda dry and blurry at times  , i do wear glasses i think my left eye is 20/30 and my right eye is 20/70 . but that was like 5 yrs ago when last tested . i feel like there are bugs crawling around my ankle area on both feet but not all the time  . i was having urinary infections alot , havent had one since last yr ( knock on wood) lol. also i was having bad pains in my left flank area , sometimes it feels like something sharp is poking in through there and sometimes it feels itchy. i mean is my body possible telling me something ? or am i just being to cautious ? Anyways im just looking for other opions  and wondering if i should just keep montering ?
I am 34 yrs old female  5 f 2  170 lbs . Dunno if that has anything to do with testing your blood sugar ? im also on weight watchers trying to lose some weight .

Thank you for your answers and opions  ...2young
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Sweet smelling urine is an indication of Ketones, or excessive sugar in the blood stream. Testing at home is good but one must be sure the meter used is calibrated properly, instructions usually found in the owners/user guide that accompanied the meter. Best testing times are fasting - nothing to eat and no colored liquids for 8-10 hrs - and 2-3 hours after a meal. Fasting will provide a baseline measurement, after meal testing to see how the foods you ate affect your blood glucose [sugar].

Since diabetes runs in your family it is in your best interest to follow diabetes guidelines; maintain proper weight, exercise daily, and refrain from eating sugar laden foods, and high carbohydrate foods. Get properly tested at your doctors to see where you stand.
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Excellent advice. The only thing I would add is that fasting blood sugars over 100 are indicative of pre-diabetes, but if you have had coffee with cream than it is not fasting. You should ask your doctor for an A1C which is now the diagnostic test for pre-diabetes and diabetes.
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Thank you for your advice , also i wanted to say was when i had a uti the last time the doc told my ketones were higher than normal . and i was on a low carb diet at the time . would that make it go up or down ?

And thank you also Zoelula
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An infection can raise glucose levels. Once the UTI has passed, ask your doctor for an A1c [aye-one-see] test. Prior to testing be sure to tell him/her of any medications AND supplements you currently take. This includes aspirin.
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Ok i got arounnd to testing myself again . its been about 2 1/2 hrs since i ate and i had a full lunch . my blood sugar read 129  is that normal ?
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Postprandial [after meal] goal is <141 mg/dl, the optimal range is <121 mg/dl. At 129 mg/dl your results were very very good.

But again, since T2 diabetes runs in the family it's in your best interest to get an A1c. If that turns out OK, then retest in 3 years or as your doctor wishes. Good luck.
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