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Pre Diabetes type 2

hi im a mid 20 year old male . 1m75 128lb fit guy . I train twice a week and go running quite often.
However i usually eat a lot of fast foods and whole packets of chocolates chocolate like 2x a week.
I have been having tinkling feet since yesterday.
im not sure if its mild or not.
Its like a mosquito lands on your feet kind of tickle.
i just rub the area and 2 secs later it happens again somewhere else on my feet.

Im not sure if im having pre diabetes type 2 symptoms.
tinkiling feet is the only thing im having ( not sure if increased thirst ? )
no urge to pee or diarrea or vomiting.
My grand ma had it.
My parents dont . Neither do my brothers/ sisters.
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My grand ma had diabetes.
My parents dont . Neither do my brothers/ sisters.
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I dont think you have pre-diabetes type-2, first regarding your age but also that you are quite fit. Eating somewhat fastfood and choclate will not affect that. Usually you get DMT2 either due to obesity or aging and since you are none of the above I wouldnt worry about it.

And I diabetes type-2 is not really known to be inherited in any matter. Ok there are some genetic factors but not as prenounced ones as in diabetes type-1.

On the other hand i dont know why you have this symptom. Go and get it checked if you're worried.
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Hi there,
The quickest and pretty accurate and also inexpensive way to find out
if you are diabetic is purchasing a A1C home test kit at Walgreen or at Target. This kit is called A1C NOW, I use them several times and the results are pretty accurate. The cost is $30 or less for 2 times uses.
I hope you the best. Good luck
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i have a kit at home already
but the ''paper'' expires 2011 :P

i tried once  2 hours after eating it says 4.5 ....

aint sure how accurate that was
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You're not going to get diagnosed over the iNet or from health forums. This has to be done with blood work at your doctor's office. If you are prediabetic you have a very good chance of returning to normal levels.

Since diabetes runs in your family you have a high risk of inheriting their diabetes gene. Researchers know from studying family histories that you can inherit a risk for Type 2 diabetes. And, yes, a type 2 gene can bypass your siblings and you get stuck with it - It happens. What also happens is you subconsciously picked up your parents bad habits that led to their diabetes. Bottom line, go get tested - an A1c, OGTT, and/or a fasting glucose test.

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If the kit says 4.5 meaning your A1C is excellent, of a non- diabetic range. I wish my A1C number were like yours. When you use this kit A1C NOW, you can use it at anytime during the day. If I were you ,I would  test the last one to see if the A1C number is still closed to the first one.
The accuracy of this kit , to my experiences, is VERY reliable.
Good luck.
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thanks so much
i hope im gonna be ok
i have a lot of studying to do :P
and i train very hard :)
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thanks to everyone that helped :)
im not sure if it was over anxiety that was causing my ''symptoms''

before meal 4.4

before sleep 5

thanks so much to all that helped :)
thanks a million times :)
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