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Pre-diabetic 3 years ago?

I’m having a diabetes scare. I don’t find it very likely that I’m walking around with type 1 and not getting considerably sicker so if I do have the diagnosis it would be type 2.. but I’ve had the symptoms I’m having for a long time (however I do also have vitamin deficiencies that cause similar symptoms) but my biggest is thrush that won’t go away with treatment. However 2015-2016 my HbA1c was tested 3 times as a part of a full blood panel. It was tested on an empty stomach but from what I understand that doesn’t matter since it shows more the past 3 months? And I got 4.8 and 4.9 on these tests. Where the lowest end of the range is 4.6 (highest being 6 something) it’s in %.

Then diabetes couldn’t possibly have been the concern right at that stage?
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No, it doesn't sound like diabetes would be the concern here.  And yes, what you'd be talking about is diabetes type 2.  What were your symptoms?  Perhaps another forum would be helpful for figuring out what was going on.  But blood tests do not lie for diabetes.  Maintain a healthy weight and eat healthily (and get plenty of exercise) and you have done all you can to prevent diabetes type 2.  good luck
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