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Pregnancy n diabetes

Im type 1 diabetic have been for 4 years now im 7months pregnant n my blood sugers been out of control my last suger was 300 n my baby docter,is tellin me bring it down or thats a dead baby did anyone else have high blood auger like th at n did ur baby come out okay im so nervous
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High blood sugars are really bad for your baby (and also for you).  I assume that you are on insulin and have been adjusting your dose.

What insulins are you takiing.  If you are using mixed insulin you may need to ask your Dr to hellp you use a basal-bolus insulin approach so that you can also adjust your sugars if you are still too high after eating, despite the insulin.

You need to work closely with your doctor to adjuust the dose of insulin to get your blood sugars down.  You also need to be very careful with your diet.

This means both portion control (not too much food) and also carefully selecting the types of foods.  You need to strictly limit carbohydrates and sweets.  Well, by this point, no sweets. You should also avoid most fruits as they are also sweet.  Berries and melon and apple in small portions should be ok though.   Most of your food should be unsweetened diary (such as cheese is ok), meats, nuts, avocado, non-starchy veges.

Test your blood sugar frequently.  You would also need to learn

Ask your Dr. to refer you to a diabetes educator as well.

IF you really can't get it down, may you should ask your Dr. to put you in the hospital where they can help you control your sugars.

Best wishes.
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i did. you got to watch what your eating
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