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Running/blood sugar questions

Just had some general questions. 1st, my dad is a diabetic. I am not as far as I know. He developed it in his 50's I believe. Everyone on his side of the family has it and heart disease and are overweight.

I am 36, 6 feet tall 165 lbs. I am a runner. Last night I had borrowed an old gluecose tester from my dad. I ate a salad for lunch at 12:00 or so then nothing until dinner. At dinner I ate lasagna, salad, sweet tea. Anyway 30-45 minutes after dinner, my blood sugar was 118. Is this normal or does it seem kind of high? At the doctor last year fasting it was 91.

Also, I have been suffereing from severe fatigue after my long runs and have to basically sit down for the rest of the day which I hate. I am going to start to check my blood sugar after these runs to see what it is. I eat alot after the long runs but it does not seem to help.

What is the optimal blood sugar before starting a run, during a run,  and after a long run?
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Your numbers sound fine to me.  118 after lasagna and SWEET tea is fine.  A better time to test is 2 hours after a meal.  30-45 minutes after you may not have processed all of the food and your sugars will continue to rise.  Your fasting levels were good too.

As far as optimal levels before  ,during and after a run.  Well the short answer is that will vary.  Some diabetics get lows from running and others get highs.  Running will burn off the carbs faster than normal.  Also running releases adrenaline and that effects how you burn and release glucose.  Everyone reacts differently.  As long as it does not go really high or really low you are ok.

Normal range for a NON-diabetic is like 80-100 I think.  If you keep exercising and taking care of yourself hopefully you can avoid diabetes and heart disease for the rest of your life.  Best of luck and keep up the good start !!
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"Last night I had borrowed an old gluecose tester from my dad"
Careful, an old meter and/or a meter out of calibration may show false positive results or totally inaccurate test results. Meters need to be calibrated every three months.

Last years fasting levels don't count today. Go see your doctor and get tested, at least get the HgbA1c test. A fasting test only measures that moment at the time of the test not over period of days. The A1c goes back three months. The latter will determine whether you are a diabetic and/or a candidate.

This site will show you a range of 'normal' glucose ranges and as you will see they drift all over the place from a low of 70 up to 160 depending on when you test.

Here is a link to the Mayo Clinic diabetes test page where it will explain the various tests.  http://tinyurl.com/22lo2w

Be sure to tell your doctor about your fatigue. Fatigue means lacking energy or strength and is a very common symptom. However, the term in common usage may mean many things, among them; drowsiness, listlessness, muscle weakness, malaise, sleepiness, and so on. You should include a treadmill heart stress test to rule out cardiology issues too.
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I had a stress test about 4 years ago.

How do you calibrate a meter?
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Were you experiencing fatigue 4 years ago like you are now? If not you're overdue, the body changes rapidly.

Google LifeScan and call their 800 number. They should provide you with a NEW OneTouch meter and test strips. Included will be a test bottle w/instructions. I don't recall if I had to provide a prescription or not. or a doctors letter stating I was diabetic.
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I wore a holter monitor 4 weeks ago while running 13 miles. WOuldnt this be the same as a stress tests?
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To calibrate your meter you must have a current test solution.  Most companies will send you one for free from their 800 #.  You put the test fluid on the strip just like you would blood and the results should be in a specified range.

A halter and a stress test are not the same.  Stress test measures specific inclines in heart rate complared to a specific increase in activity and how your body deals with it.

Also if you like you can get an A1c test at the pharmacy and do the test at home.  Sometimes results are immediate and other times you send sample in for labs to run tests.  Either way is cheaper than Dr.  Unless you can do it with insurance co-pay
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Kevin - Testing a meter and calibrating a meter are not the same. Testing is done by the patient while calibration is performed by the manufacturer. One tests the meter for accuracy. If it fails, one sends it back to the mfg for calibration but in most cases the mfg will just replace your failed unit with a new model.

stryped - Here's a good read on HgbA1c home test kits http://www.mendosa.com/homeA1c.htm and  List of NGSP Certified Laboratories (updated 1/08, listed by date ...
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