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Should I ask for more tests?

I'm a 23 year old female, I'm obese though I have lost 60 lbs in the last year, and I have been having some symptoms that worry me. I have previously been diagnosed with PCOS. The doctor put me on Metformin and Yasmin, though I stopped taking the Metformin because it made me feel ill. That was over four years ago. At the time, my fasting blood sugar was 101, but I had eaten some ice cream at the beginning of the eight hour period. I had my fasting blood sugar tested again two weeks ago. I fasted for about 16 hours and my blood sugar was 87. This didn't concern my doctor, but it does concern me. I also have high cholesterol (total 286) and my liver test (ALT) came back at 86 U/L. In addition to this, I have been getting heart palipations, which I am being monitored for, and a cold feeling in my hands and chest. I've also been having trouble sleeping, though I think this is due to anxiety over my health. Could any of this be a sign of diabetes? Should I ask my doctor to do a more extensive test for diabetes?
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"This didn't concern my doctor, but it does concern me."
You kept it a secret as to why you're concerned over a normal fasting level. Enlighten us. You can always ask for an A1c test.

You need to see a Cardiologist for your palpitations.
Your ALT score indicates slight liver inflammation. You also kept it a secret as to why your doctor ordered a liver panel done. They don't do this unless he/she suspects something. If your AST is high, you may ask to see a liver specialist, a Hepatologist.
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The blood sugar level concerns me because it seems high for having fasted for 16 hours. I've also read that fasting glucose is not the most accurate of diabetes tests.

I am seeing a cardiologist right now. The next step is for me to wear the 24 hour monitor.

My doctor did a liver panel among many, many other tests because this was my yearly physical and because my insurance is running out soon so we're trying to eliminate as many possibilities as we can. I'm being tested again next week, along with my kidney function, which was also slightly elevated.
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"I've also read that fasting glucose is not the most accurate of diabetes tests."

A fasting glucose test [FPG], an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test [OGTT], and an random plasma glucose test [RPG] measures you glucose level at the time of the test. All three provide the doctor an insight on your glucose levels. They don't lie, only humans do. An A1c [hemoglobin A1c], on the other hand, looks back three months. The results are given in % [percentile]. New red blood cells live on average of three months. Excess sugar binds to these cells until the cell dies off. The A1c captures this. This tells the doctor how well you are controlling and managing your sugar intake. If you have doubts about diabetes ask for an A1c test. No fasting is required.
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