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Side effects from Metformin

Hi I was put on metformin two days ago and I am not sure if what I am feeling are side effects or not. Starting late yesterday afternoon I got extremely tired and my back started to get sore, by night time my lower back was painful and my muscles were crampy and sore. Today I have not been able to do much I am so sleepy. I have also not been hungry or feel like eating. Did anyone else feel any of these things when starting metformin?
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You should notify your doctor. Severe side effects of Metformin include general feeling of being unwell and muscle pain or weakness. Go here for a list of Metformin side effects. http://www.drugs.com/sfx/metformin-side-effects.html

a lot of the web sites for diabetes do not have places to ASK questions. I need to ASK questions.
so ask!
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Muscle aches are common but should go away soon. I was just put on Metformin also. I have stomach cramps and i feel tired af
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My first 4 days on Metformin I felt like hell!  But my body got used to it.
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I believe diarrhea is a common side effect. I'm taking 2 metformin er.

I don't see the connection to back pain.

I'm also experiencing less appetite mainly due to the stomach side effects
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Usually doc asks to take met 20 or 30 min before taking your meal or breakast or dinner.  That creates problems in some persons.  Had it taken after meal or after taking snack,  the problem might not be felt. Doc must suggest med which is after food because high sugar prone people its high pp sugar is causing lot of problem
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