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Sorry, yet another when to test question.

Hi.  I have been testing my glucose levels once every week and they have been really good (95-128) except for when I had a really bad cold and was sick.  While sick they stayed in around (150-180).  Once I felt better they went back to my normal 95-128.  

Ok my question is:  Is every week too often to check 4 times a day?  (I take no med's, and do not wish to if I can help it) so I've been watching everything that makes it go higher and charting it.  I found pizza for me is one of the big no no's.  lol  I figure the longer I can maintain it myself without pills, the better I will be in the long run.  My BP and HR are another story though.  Urggg.  Running high again.  What's new.  LOL

Anyhow, back to the subject.  I was thinking since the only time it's higher (when I feel ok) is the "2 hours after I eat" check.  So I was thinking about checking in the AM before I have any food, and then after just one meal.  
Does that sound right for just basic routine checking?
Are there any times that are more important than others to check?

I'm asking mainly because of the price of the strips.  I know it's not really an important question.  I was just curious though.

Thanks in advance for any reply's, and I hope you all have a great day filled with health and happiness.  ;-)
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My suggestion is to check fasting and then 2 hours after a different meal each time. That way you get an idea if you are spiking too high after different meals. You are also on the money in testing various foods to see how they affect your blood sugar if you want to be able to control your diabetes with just diet and exercise for as long as possible.
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You brought up some good questions, seldom asked, but good for you and other readers to know. (excuse any typos, I'm experiencing kbd quirks)

"I have been testing my glucose levels once every week and they have been really good (95-128)"
Didn't say if this was fasting or not. Normal fasting levels are 70-99 mg/dl. You cannot combine prandial [fasting] and postprandial [after meal] levels. They are quite different. Fasting levels from 100-124 mg/dl is considered prediabetes. You're almost there, next stop is diabetes-ville. Above 126 mg/dl fasting you're in diabetes-ville.

"I had a really bad cold"
Don't test when ill. You'll get false positives.

"pizza for me is one of the big no-no's"
Pizza dough is made with white flour. White flour is high in bad carbs. Bad carbs turn into sugar when digested elevating your glucose levels. Try whole wheat or corn meal crusted pizza. Pizza dough and pizza's are easy to make.

We're not privy to your logs so can't say one way or the other if testing once a week is enough. Testing routine is:
1. Fasting - first thing in morning, no food or colored liquids. Water is OK. This gives you a baseline and also an insight from what you eaten the night b4 and/or if your liver is producing excess glucose while you're sleeping.
2. b4 a meal and 2-3 hours after to see how the foods you ate affect you. B4 to give a baseline, after to see if they [foods eaten] make your glucose rise above 180 mg/dl [some have it at 140 mg/dl]. Avoid eating those that do.
These are the times to test. Once you have your nutrition down, exercise daily, and maintain normal weight your testing will be on an as needed basis, but only as long as they remain in the normal range.

The price of strips is cheap compared to a doctor's visit or a hospital bed.
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I test 6times a day before and after breakfast,before dinner,at bedtime, and beforeand after exercise.that may seem too much to you but before breakfast is a given as is after breakfast pretty safe to skip lunchi test before dinner to see how the day has affested my bg since breakfast. course befor bedtime is a must to make sure your bg will carry you through the night. and if you exersie uou really should check before and after
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Thank you all so much for your comments.  

WaveRider,  Those are my fasting numbers in the morning.  Though my (postprandial [after meal] levels) fall within that range too most of the time.  I've found that when my numbers drop low (for me...60's to 70's) it seems to make me very shaky inside and lightheaded.  I have balance bars that I keep in my vehicle in case I'm out and start feeling funny.  Most times it helps unless it's my BP causing it.    

I'm finding foods that are bad and trying to avoid them.  I love 15 grain bread and anything with whole grains.  Unfortunately no one else does.  For Football nights I might have to start doing two different foods.  The one drink that made it hit the 175 range was squirt.  I don't usually drink soda though and man was it sweet.  YUK!  I drank it to be polite at someone's house.  Never again though.  LOL  Politeness only goes so far. Next time I'll just kindly ask for ice water.

I'm glad the point was brought up about everyone's levels when not feeling well.  I was a bit worried, because they never hit the fasting 150 or after a meal 180's plus.  I thought it was because of the cough drops.  I did find sugar free ones since.  

As far as my Diabetes log...it's set for everyone to see.   I have been trying to make a connection between my BP issues and glucose and don't see "much" of a difference.  

Thank you so much for explaining everything so well and in terms I understand.  HUGS.

Zoelula and medic673b,  Thank you so much also.  I am and will continue my once a week checks.  When I do my checks.... I've been checking as soon as I get up, then after breakfast.  Then I either check before and after lunch and/or same for dinner.  I always check at night too before turning in also.  (So I use 4-6 strips for that day once weekly.)

In between the week sometimes I'll check if I'm just feeling a bit odd.  Example...shaky, lightheaded, palps, pains, high or low BP and Heart rates.

Good point on the exercise too.  Hunting season is coming up around the corner.  I'll  have to remember to keep a closer eye out during that time because it takes a lot of energy hiking up and down the hills.  Though my biggest concern is usually my oxygen levels, BP and HR.  We eat mainly venison here though and next to no beef.

Ok this is getting way to long.  Thank you all so very much!  (HUGS)  Amy.
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