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Stroke ?

A week ago my mother who is 90+ became so weak suddenly after vomitting.She could not walk , so my sister with other people's help took to hospital. She has a dementia it is difficult to say how she is feeling.She still feeling very tired and sleepy. She does not eat properly, even difficult to keep in sitting postion. She moves her hands and feet but unable to stand up. That time her bllod sugar was 224.That time they gave her insuline as well. Is it stroke or any ather condition? Before that she was fine walks around no problem climbing staircase.
Is any body know what is this?
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My mother's Ct scan report: plain and contrast : mild cerebral atrophic changes seen. A large hypodense lesion noted in left cerebellum and left occipital lobe without perifocal oedema. Basal cisterns are normal. Fourth, lateral and third ventricles are normal in size and shape. IMpression : 1) cerebral atrophy, 2) large infract in left PCA territory
Is that means she has had a stroke?
Please any one know what this mean.
Thank you
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we cannot diagnose your mother from online.  Can you talk with her doctors to find out more.

'Infarct' means that she had a stroke.  But we cannot say from the report if it is old or recent.

The prognosis is probably not so good given her age and other conditions, so please spend time with your mother.

Best wishes

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