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Sudden Increase in Fasting Blood Sugar

I am a 46 year old female, currently 70 pounds overweight.  I have lost 27 pounds in the past 11 months.  I had Gestational Diabetes with my last pregnancy and I have tested my fasting blood sugar once or twice a month for the past 8 years, with the results always between 85 and 99.

In November, I noticed I was getting the occasional fasting glucose in the 101 to 103 range.  By January, they were all in that range.  Three weeks ago I started on the South Beach Diet.  Phase 1 restricts carbs to a very low level.  I have also started exercising on an elliptical trainer 20 minutes, 4 times per week for the past 2 weeks.  I know I am eating enough because my weight loss has been very slow -- between 1 and 1.5 pounds per week.

To my surprise, my fasting numbers have INCREASED dramatically.  My fasting numbers for the past three weeks have been between 111 and 157!  Two hours after a meal I have been running between 95 and 110.

I am so frustrated!  I have lost the "magic" 10% of my body weight (more like 12%) and I am eating nothing but low-glycemic vegetables and low fat protein.  Why are my fasting numbers out of control and why are my after meal numbers so great?
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First of all, it sounds like you have been working very hard and have been doing a great job!

Unfortunately, it sounds like you may have progressed to diabetes, despite all that as often happens. You are obviously controlling your post-prandials (after meals) by eating so low carb, though that is hard to maintain. I think it's time to see your doctor, get a diagnosis and perhaps begin taking an oral med to help you control your blood sugar.
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First of all, congratulations on the weight loss and trying to get your body back to a healthy state. That's a BIG ATTA-GIRL. Look over the following links below, understand the information thoroughly, then consult with your doctor about treatment. If he/she cannot fully provide an answer, or what they suggest doesn't make sense, ask to be referred to an Endocrinologist, a specialist with diabetes care and treatment. Be sure to call the Endo first as there are some who are not up-to-date with the below. Find one that is and then go see him/her.

Considering your after meal [postprandial] levels are very normal, high morning glucose levels can be attributed to what's known as Dawn Phenomenon.

It can be associated with LADA [Latent Autoimmune Disease in Adults] aka type 1.5 diabetes.
Xlnt LADA info on this forum http://tinyurl.com/lada-type1-5

Ask your doctor to test your pancreas for insulin production. The test is called C-Peptide.  http://diabetes.webmd.com/c-peptide

While you're at it have your thyroid checked. An irregular functioning thyroid will disrupt your pancreas insulin production. The test is called TSH [Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone].  http://tinyurl.com/testing-thyroid
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My thanks to you both for your prompt responses.

I have been reading everything I can find on the topic for the past two weeks (a major case of denial -- I can't possibly be diabetic -- that happens to OTHER people) looking for an explanation and have touched on, though probably not thoroughly understood, all of the topics above.

Most articles I read, prior to your link above, on the Dawn Effect, talked about adjusting insulin or medication and since I am on neither, I was not sure it really would relate to me.  Also, most articles on LADA talk about folks that are not obese and don't have a family history of diabetes (I am and I do, though at the grandparent level).  But I realize that it doesn't say you can't have that history and have LADA anyway...

It is so hard for me to believe that I progressed from normal (albeit high normal) to diabetic in the space of 8 weeks.  Also the timing of the sharp increase with the start of the low-carb diet (it was the next day!) raises flags for me.

Today, I will add back small amounts of whole grains and low-glycemic fruits.  I need to see how that impacts the fasting numbers ( a girl can hope!)  If they are still high, I will make an appointment next week.

Again, thanks for taking the time to answer a newbie's question.

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"the Dawn Effect, talked about adjusting insulin or medication and since I am on neither, I was not sure it really would relate to me."
It would if you were diagnosed as having DP. You don't know this one way or the other until you get the tests I mentioned earlier.

"low-carb diet"
When consuming fruits, eat them with other foods to slow the digestion of fructose - fruit sugar. Also, watch your starches - breads, taters, etc. These turn into sugar after eating. Good carbs vs bad carbs, a simple explanation  http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/good-carbs-vs-bad-carbs
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I take Metformin for my type II. My numbers were up around 160-180 from fasting all night. I moved when i took my meds from mornign to night and now I'm even throughout the day and night. If you are on meds you have to  play around with when/how you take them.
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