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Sugar Coma

Yesterday, I had a very unusual thing happen to me while eating my dinner. I was having turkey burgers and french fries when I started to notice a strange numbness effecting my tongue wehich then spread to my mouth and then to my lips and face. My head started to feel funny(dizzy and floaty like my head would float away). I felt very hot,as well.

Question: Can low or high blood sugars cause this?
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High blood sugar would not happen so quickly as during eating.
Do you have any family history of diabetes?  
This sounds more like a reaction to something in the food, than a diabetic reaction.

Have you had your blood sugars tested?  HBA1C? Fasting blood sugar?

Let us know more and then we can help.
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Go see a doctor for a FULL health check-up. If you injected insulin and waited too long before eating it is possible you experienced hypoglycemia. It's also possible you had a mild stroke, or a panic attack, or a sudden increase in blood pressure. W/o a full health check-up it is impossible for anyone to say. Don't procrastinate with seeing a doctor, this may be an early warning sign of something major about to happen. Good luck -
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going to bed with empty stomach can cause hipoglycemia.
   thank you.
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"going to bed with empty stomach can cause hipoglycemia."

Not associated with Morphman's post, he was eating dinner at the time. There are numerous hypoglycemia causes not mentioned as they do not pertain to his post.
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