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Sugar Cravings

I have been a diabetic for 5 years - I have been under ALOT of stress this last month and find that I have unbelievable cravings for sugar - more so then ever before - does this make sense?  Does this mean my Metforman is not working and I need a higher dose - or is  this just a physical response to emotional stress?
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yes sugar cravings can be from stress.  However, it would also play havoic with your blood sugars if you are giving in to those cravings.

Do you test your blood sugar at home?  If so, waht are your fasting numbers and what is your 2 hours after meals.

If you don't test at home it may be an idea to ask your Dr to run a HBA1C and also a fasting glucose test to see how your numbers are.

Metformin can lose effectiveness over time / as the diabees worsens.

When you are stressed try exercise instead of eating to help counter the cravings.  Try to eat low carb diet with plenty of protein and healthy fats to help you cope.  A B-vitamin supplement is also supposed to help with stress.

Hope that things get easier for you.  Let us know how you are doing.
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Stress, in any amount, can induce sugar cravings along with several other health factors. And, no, sugar cravings does not imply Metformin is not doing its job nor does it warrant a higher dose. A few tips -

• Get some exercise. Exercise not only makes you feel good but also stimulates your brain to make you feel good.
• If you're eating too many calories it is time to cut back. Cutting back on calorie intake decrease sugar cravings.
• Don't skip meals which can make it worse.
• If you can eat try eating small amounts with your meals.
• Don't give in to temptation, it does your body no good.
• Try to curb whatever is causing the stress. Your well being comes first.

Good luck -
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Oops, "If you can eat try eating small amounts with your meals."
Omitted 'fruits' after 'If you can eat'
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I don't have a home tester - I have to admit I have stopped going to the gym - just too much going on - I will start back - for my own sanity.  I'm struggling with headaches, nausea and just feeling yuck.  Good to know there is something I can do and that this can be due to the stress I have been facing at home and at work.  Thank you so much everyone for responding!
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If you have a nearby Wal-Mart glucose meters sell for around 10 bucks. When was the last time you walked around your neighborhood? Walking is great exercise and it's free. Good luck -
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I test fasting blood sugar at home and I mentioned that it ranged between 92--133 mg/dl. Also HbA1c was 7.4
My weight is almost the same
Exercise is not regular
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First, to ask or imply a personal question on someone else's thread is impolite. It is Internet etiquette to open your own thread and post your question there, or tag a new post in one of your own threads. Makes it easier for other readers to follow what is going on.

Your 7.4% A1c equates to an eAG [estimated daily Average Glucose] of 166 mg/dl. Does your meter require periodic test calibrations? Also depends on the preprandial and postprandial times of your tests. Not unusual to see large differences between an eAG [A1c] and patients results when either is not corrected.

"My weight is almost the same"
This has no meaning unless you define height and body weight for us to see. Excess weight will increase glucose readings. Exercise not only helps to lower glucose but also makes you feel good. Simplest and easiest is walking. Don't park close to the office, instead park across the lot or a few blocks away and walk the distance. HTH
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