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Tingling and numbness in right leg and arm??

Hi, Recently we found out my husband has Diabetes type 2..so, dr. has given Metformin tab. twice a day..and, he is taking healthy diet like salad,fruits, wheat bread and green vegetables..going for a walk around 1-2 miles everyday...
but he is feeling tingling and numbness in right leg and arm since few days and it is constant...dr. told it's common in diabetes but we are very worried..
so, is it normal or we should consult the dr. again?
thanks a lot

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Tingling and numbness can be signs of nerve damage caused by uncontrolled and unmanaged diabetes - excess and unknown glucose levels. Does your husband have a home glucose test meter and is he testing his glucose levels at the appropriate times? More can said about this once we hear back from you. Also, not mentioned is his last A1c test result.

As far as diet everyone has a take on a healthy diet but few read nutrition labels for hidden sugars and excess carbohydrates [carbs to a t2 diabetic is the same as sugar]. Fruit contains fructose [aka fruit sugar]. There are diabetics, like myself, who cannot tolerate any fruits in any amount. Fruits to us is the same as ingesting pure granulated sugar. This is where home testing is valuable, to see what foods your husband can and cannot tolerate. If you wish to know about this you can send me a PM or read other forum post a few pages back as proper nutrition has been posted numerous times.

Lastly, it also sounds as if his doctor is blowing him off by not performing follow up testing. It might behoove your husband to get a referral to an Endocrinologist, a doctor who specializes in diabetes care and treatment. Good luck
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Hi Sir, it's been a while..I couldn't reply you back earlier..
first of all thanks a ton for the reply!! I really appreciate it..

Yesterday, my husband did fasting blood test at home..his level is 83 now..one month back it was 147..so, I think his sugar is in control..please suggest if this level is fine..
And, good news is that he has reduced 9lbs in a month..current weight is 150lbs..he is taking Multivitamin one a day also..his A1c was 7.7 according to last month's test reports..dr. said it should be below 7 and he has recommended next test in June..
hopefully, everything should be fine in couple of months..btw he is still suffering from Numbness and tingling..
please let me know if you need more info..
thanks again
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You're welcome, SS2003. Yes, a fasting level of 87 mg/dl is perfect. Normal ranges are 60/70 to 99 mg/dl. He needs to continue working on lowering his levels. Losing weight helps a lot along with daily exercise and eating a proper diabetic nutrition. An A1c of 7.7% says his daily glucose level is 174 mg/dl, HIGH. Even 7% is high as it equates to 154 mg/dl. Ideal level is <5% = 97 mg/dl.

As mentioned in my prior post his numbness and tingling can be associated with nerve damage. If this continues he should see an Endocrinologist [diabetes specialist]. He may then get referred to a Neurologist [nerve damage specialist] for advanced treatment. The key for the moment is for him to test, test, test at home. Test before a meal [preprandial] then 2-3 hours after postprandial]. Before provides a baseline measurement while postprandial tells how the foods consumed affected his levels. Avoid those that do, especially foods laden with carbohydrates.
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Thanks again..I really appreciate it..you have been so helpful..

I have a question regarding testing with gluco meter at home...
My husband is not comfortable to ***** his finger for testing so he doesn't do testing often..can you please tell any other option for home blood testing..?
I have seen in website there is a monitor which can tell your blood glucose level but for that we need to use any other part of body like arms instead of finger..
so, how much are they accurate? what is your opinion? please suggest!!
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You're welcome, glad to help out. I understand your husbands discomfort using a lancet on his fingertip, I don't particularly care for them either - didn't as a kid and still don't. However, as you've seen on the iNet there are meters on the market which allow obtaining blood samples from other less painful areas, the forearm and palm.

I'm not all that up-to-date on these type of meters but several I recall are Johnson & Johnsons Lifescan [fingertips, forearms and palms] and Abbot Laboratories Freestyle [fingertips and palms]. J&J recommends rubbing the area first for more blood flow, then cleaning area prior using the lancet. J&J also recommends testing on fingertip too to insure there is no large descrepency between test sites, where fingertip is considered more reliable. If none exist just use forearm/palm from then on. HTH
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Correction to my last sentence, "If none exist just use forearm/palm from then on." Should say, "After several days of testing if none exist then use forearm/palm [no fingertip] from then on.
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Hello Sir,

My husband's weight is 145lbs..height is 5'6"..
According to home test his fasting level is 93.. PP is 123..

Last time fasting was 87 but I think this time it's little high..Please let me know if these nos. are ok..
thank you very much for all the tips..those were helpful..

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Your husband's fasting levels fall into the normal range. His postprandial is high and should fall into the normal fasting ranges. Pay careful attention these food types as they are easily digested and quickly enter the bloodstream as sugar; carbohydrate foods, starches like potatoes, foods made with flour [breads, crackers], white rice, and dairy milk. I'm not saying he cannot eat them but to pay attention to portion sizes, limit intake and/or avoid intake. Instead focus on whole grains, vegies, fish and poultry and lean meats. Fruits contain fructose, fruit sugar. To some diabetics fruits are the same as table sugar.

These are the glucose ranges:
Normal fasting - 60/70 to 99 mg/dl
Prediabetes - 100 to 125 mg/dl
Postprandial - same as fasting. For diabetics <141 mg/dl, optimum <121 mg/dl.

Hope this helps.
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That means his sugar level is high than it should be..could you please explain?

He is a Vegetarian..he only eats Veggies,salads,fruits and grains in his diet..and best part is he eats in portions..
He has stopped taking all kinds of dairy products,potatoes,rice,breads completely since he know he has a Diabetes..
And,I will avoid fruit contain with fruit sugar..
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"That means his sugar level is high than it should be..could you please explain?"

First, kudos to your husband for understanding and doing what he has to do in order to control and manage his diabetes. Kudos to you too for caring.

If testing 2-3 hours after a meal his 123 postprandial is high. Goal is to be within normal fasting ranges, 60/70-99 mg/dl. Pay attention to salad dressings if from a bottle. Most contain sugar, some in form of carbohydrate sugar where every 7 grams equals one heaping tablespoon of sugar. Eat fruits in smaller portions and with other foods to slow the absorption of fructose. I personally avoid root vegies, vegies that grow downward - carrots, radishes, etc - as they contain more sugar than I can tolerate.
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Thanks sir..you are so kind..your suggestions are always helpful..
Indeed, my husband has been very supportive..he is working very hard to maintain his blood sugar level.. he has given up all kinds of fried food and now he only eats veggies, grains and fruits..checks every food labels before he buys..insead of salad dressing I use
I use lemon juice and salt for salads..
He eats veggies like onion, tomato, squash, peas, yam, okra, spinach etc. And, fruits like apple, pear, orange, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries in very small potion sizes..
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advice from waverider is excellent.  If your husband has nerve damage from the previous high sugars it can take quite a few months to recover.  Be patient on this.

Sounds like he is highly motivated.  that is great.  Make sure he gets enough calories, protein and fat in his diet.  Because cutting out the carbs you need to replace them with protein and fat else he will lose too much weight.

Heathy fats come from full fat dairy, nuts, avocados, nut and olive oils.   Does he eat eggs?  These could be a good source of protein.  Else maybe a whey protein powder you make into smoothies with low sugar fruits, milk, ice.

Hope this can give you some more ideas.
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Hey there, thanks a lot for your reply..reg. nerve damage we were thinking to see the doctor but you are saying it will go away on its own then I won't worry too much and be patient..

I have made a calorie chart..according to that chart he takes 1300-1500 calories a day..do you think it's enough?
He does not eat eggs..so, for protein I give him lentils and beans like chick peas,black eyed peas,red kidney beans,horse gram,black chick peas plain/cooked/sprouted..

And, he has given up all kind of nuts and dairy products completely till June..so, he gets protein just from beans..

I use Safflower oil..is it ok to use in my cooking?

could you please tell how much protein should we take in a day?

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