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Tremor and Spasms

Yikes, this is harder than I thought it would be.  

I've had diabeties for over 20 yrs, most of the time poorly controlled (don't yell at me - didn't know it until I'd had it by Dr's estimate for over 10 yrs and dmg was done - and to top that off I didn't have insurance when I did find out, so little control / supervision).  

To make a long story short, I'm having major health issues now.  They say the devil is in the details, but honestly I don't want to post it all.  The problem I am currently trying to deal with is muscle tremors / spasms.  They are cyclic, I get them everywhere.  They don' t hurt when they happen, its like a little energy pulse going through my muscles and causing them to jerk or twitch.  They are madly unpredictable, though when they are happening they do seem to occur more when I lay down to rest.  The problem .... sometimes they happen so frequently and for so long (hours) - it causes my muscles to tighten up then cramp.  Now my leg muscles are almost constantly knotted.  The muscles around my stomach are starting to do the same thing.  The knotted and cramping is VERY painful.  

Here is my question.  Do others with diabetic neuropathy have similar problems?  My doctor swears the diabeties is the cause - but I'd never heard of it before.  I'm kind of hoping it is something else - something they can help me manage or even stop the tremors (which are cyclic and stop on their own for several days / weeks / months at a time then restart with a vengance.

So .. anyone else with diabetic neuroapathy have tremor / spasms?

Thanks in advance for reading and any reply!

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pernat... i found out about 3 years ago that i had type II diabetes. I myself am having a hard time getting it under control. I am glad you are asking the question about muscle spasms. although i dont have any answers for you, I myself have them all over and wondered if they could be from the diabetes. I am going to the dr today about my blood sugar and some other symptoms and will ask her about it.
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Ok pernat,
             I saw my Dr and asked her about the muscle spasms and she said that it could be that the blood sugar is putting toxins into the muscles and causing spasms. Im not sure what your blood sugar is running but mine here latey has been running in the high 100's low 200's. Hope this helps you out.
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When you run high blood-glucose, keotones get in your blood stream. Then, since your muscles have vains and capilaries, acidosis or kotosis starts sending the muscles into spasms. If you can possible relax (keep telling yourself to relax), the pain eases somewhat. If you avoid simple carbohydrates for a week, the muscles spasms might stop (until you start pushing the donut back in.) I have had (and do periodically) severe muscle spasms that twisted my ankles into such a position it was not possible to walk. By applying my own weight to the foot (ever so gently) the ankle would resume it's normal position and I would walk it out. I choose not to take a pill for everything as I have enough pills for the real source of the problem. Get some equipment for your feet that will simulate circulation. You'll avoid a lot of problems in the future. There are mechanical devices for about $40 available at retail stores. Look in the pharmacy or small appliances. Foot & leg problems are a major complaint among persons with diabetes.My aunt was a double amputee from diabetes.
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You've been diabetic for over 20 yrs, continue to ignore your diabetic atrophy, and now question your doctors findings? Amazing. Although I don't know her, you sound like leg spasms aunt before her amputation.
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Dehydration is the underlying cause of most "charlie horses"/muscle spasms. I have very stong urine when the worst of them hits my thighs. I use tonic water and deep breathing in order to get to my feet and stop screaming from the pain. When I look over the last few days I've had salty items or less than 8 full glasses of filtered water prior to the spasms. The body ceanses itself whie we sleep, so I'll asume the timing of my worst spasms is while asleep or upon rising.  My diabetes is under control with A1C @ 6.0 - 6.4 with medicaition. I think the dehydration starts something that we all want to avoid.  There is no better cure than WATER.
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just recently I went to the doctor for pains in my left hip, stomach and legs. I am a type 2 and he informed me they were muscle spasms. He prescribed Loritabs (2 day), Flexiril  (1 at night)) and Naproxen (2 per day). He says it goes with the territory!  I had just started walking three times a week and was thinking about doing the Zumba thing but will have to go to something a little easier like Tai Chi.  
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