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Type 1 or 2

Hello. First time posting as I've been diagnosed diabetic only 2 weeks ago. I'm a 30 year old woman, in good health with no other known medical issues, until now. I recently found out that I am diabetic but the doctors can't detemine which type. (I know they can do an antibody test but for some reason it was cancelled.)

Here were/are my symptoms so I want to get opinions on type 1 or 2...extreme thirst, fever, sluggish and tired, loss of appetite,  keytones in urine, KDA, A1C was 7.9%, low potassium, resting heart rate above 110, extreme vision change and vitamin d deficiency.  Blood sugars were anywhere from 300's to 506 at highest point.

I had flu-like sickness with a sinus infection and bronchitis earlier in December. Can a sickness cause diabetes to appear out of nowhere?  This was just something that hit me out of nowhere...other than my parents being  diasgnosed diabetic in their 50's and 60's.

I'm on insulin for now and metformin trying to get my sugars under control. I spent a night in hospital trying to get this sorted out. I just want opinions while I wait to get into a specialist. Thanks! :-)
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Yes you NEED a GAD  antibody test.  the reason "they" dont do it is it makes little difference as to what type you are "they" find the treatment that works for YOU.  However     insurance treats T1 and T2 differently.
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You're right. The doctors at the hospital didn't seem too concerned with finding out which type I was since my treatment is the same either way for the time being. I, on the other hand, am dying to know which way this domino is going to fall since it will influence the rest of my life. I hope at my follow-up appointment on Thursday, my PCP will do the antibody test or I can get into an endocrinologist asap to have it done.
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Hi, three month ago I almost had these symptoms and was diagnosed with type 2 . Meds made it worse for me so I looked into diets to help  and stumbled upon the ketogenic diet it help me a lot to manage the sugar levels , but sense you do a lot more meds than I did I recommend that your doctor readjust your meds if you are going to do this diet because it really lowers the auger a lot that the meds would be too much , I hope this helps you too .
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Hi, based on presentation with very high blood sugars, but relatively low Hba1c, this would indicate a rapid onset of high blood sugars, suggestive of type 1.  

Type 1 diabetes is certainly known to be triggered by viral illness.

Testing for type of diabetes becomes relevant when it comes to insurance coverage (type 1 tend to get broader coverage than type 2 - unfair as this may seem).

When you see an endocrinologist you should be tested for type 1.  This will include antibody panel, testing for c-peptide etc.

You may find eating low carb diet will be beneficial to assisting managment.  You will have a steep learning curve ahead, but you can do this.

Really good resource books, both avaialble from Amazon, or maybe your local library, are:-

Think Like a Pancreas
Diabetes Solutions

I wondered if diabetes could come on so quickly and if so, which type it usually is. I am watching my carbs, along with being on long-acting Lantus
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A sickness can trigger type 1 diabetes from what I understand.  I was diagnosed with type 1 when I was nine after having pneumonia.  The symptoms you describe I think have more to do with high blood sugar than the type of diabetes.  Which insulin(s) are you currently taking? With insulin you should be able to get your blood sugars under control pretty quickly.  I would have the antibody test done as soon as you can.  
I'm on Lantus. I started at 10 units a night then have increased one unit a night until my fasting morning levels are norma, which they are around 180's now. Since my sugars were so high, my doctor didn't think it would be best to lower them suddenly but slowly over time.  It's been about 16 days since this whole diagnosis so I'm still not in the normal range.

I was just curious what type people thought I might have while I wait for my antibody test results to come back.
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Hi Chelsey, so sorry this has happened to you and you are still looking for answers. Glad our members could help. I just wanted to let you know we have a Type 1 forum here as well, if you end up being diagnosed with Type 1 as some are predicting. Here's a link to our Type 1 community and please do come back to the forums and let us know your diagnosis and how it's going!

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I finally got a blood draw for the antibody test! I should know the results early next week...I am so anxious. I'm in this state of limbo at the moment because the doctors and I just aren't sure what exactly were dealing with. Yeah, we know it's discrete but other than that lol. I'm having to adjust my long-acting insulin (Lantus) almost every night because my fasting morning sugars are still higher than the ideal. I started at 10 units a night when diagnosed and now I'm up to 22 units. Is that a high dosage? It's all so new to me so I don't know if that's a sign of type 1 or 2? I was never put on a short-acting insulin so I just rely on Metformin and Lantus at the moment.

It's just so strange, to me, to go from nothing wrong (other than a 'typical' sickness) to being diabetic. My estimated A1C now (based off my blood sugar numbers from this app for the last 2 weeks) is 10.4%. That's quite high, right?

Finally, I will see an endocrinologist next week too! More answers hopefully will be coming!
Chelsey, this is called the dawn phenomenon, and we have an article on it. There have also been some threads on it recently with advice.


Here is another article, from MedHelp.org and the Sugar Sense app, on what your ideal numbers should be. 10.4% is a high A1C; most diabetics shoot for less than 7%

22 units is not so high. Correct dose is what works.
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I'm still waiting on the antibody results. But based off the lab results I have gotten and the research I have done on those, it looks like it may be type 2. Not totally for sure as a doctor has not said.  I go back to my regular doctor tomorrow and my endocrinologist next week. I would say this unknown phase will finally be over then!!
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It looks like I am a type 2. My antibody test came back negative. This diagnosis is only from my PCP. I haven't gotten to talk to my endocrinologist about my most recent lab results. I don't know that she will say any thing different but having a second opinion is helpful.
Hi.  There are more than 1 antibody to test for, and also some other tests to define between type 1 and 2. Dinner persons with type 1 are apparently antibody negative.   Your presentation doesnt appear typical for type 2. Please see what your endocrinologist says.  Regardless,  if insulin is what works then don't be concerned to take it.  

Let us know what happens with your endo visit.  
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Hey everyone! It's me again...lol. I actually talked to my endocrinologist nurse practitioner today and she is going with a type 1 diagnosis. My GAD antibody is negative but she thinks it may be too soon for my body to produce antibodies or too soon for them to show up. It's only been about a month since this whole thing started so she believes I haven't started to make antibodies yet. In her lab results, my fasting blood sugar was high but my c-peptide and insulin were normal, which she found alarming since c-peptide and insulin should have been high along with my blood sugar. Based on all my symptoms and labs, she and the doctor above her believe it's type 1. Yesterday, I was a type 2...24 hours later, I'm a type 1 lol

I still feel like things are a bit uncertain but I know my doctors and I are going to do what's right for ME, regardless of type. First goal is to get morning sugars normal and go from there!  It's been a long road for my diagnosis and I know the diabetic road is longer still. I got this though! Thanks for all your input and support!!
Chelsey, I am so glad you have a diagnosis, which seems rational.  This is such a big step in getting and staying well.  

Reach out to the online community.  There are many people who have walked in your shoes and who can share their experience.

I absolutely encourage you to look into low carb eating as a critical management tool.  Eating low carb, combined with proper use of insulin will mean safe control of blood sugars.

I recommend looking into the book Diabetes Solutions by Dr. Richard Bernstein.  His teachings were such a help to me, and will be for you too likely, whether you take part of all of what teaches on board.  He also has an online education series.  Called Bernstein Diabetes University on Utube.  Some other excellent resourses are the books "think like a pancreas' and "using insulin".  

Best wishes to you.  There will be an adjustment period.  But you can do this. Diabetes does not kill, out of control blood sugars kill.  With today's knowledge, tools, and skills you should be fine for a very long time.  
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