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Type 2 Diabetes reversal

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes... My A1C went from 6.9 to just recently 6.3..yay!  so does this mean i'm no longer type 2 diabetic? this is all so new to me.
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Hi!  How long have you been diagnosed?  Did you start a new diet and medicine?  It sounds like you must have and it is working.  The thing is, now you are kind of in a position to keep working on it.  Usually you will have to continue medication to achieve the decrease in numbers you are seeing. What medicine do you take?
My doctor wanted to see if we could control it with diet before we started medication. I’m just 3 months into this and the diet seems to be working great!
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Hi Lizzy,  you are still diabetic... completely normal blood glucose is a hba1c of 5.0 or less.  Prediabetic is usually considered as 5.7 - 6.5, and diabetic as 6.5.    But being diabetic is sometimes likened to being pregnant...  whether 6 weeks or 9 months you are still pregnant. So slightly high or very high, is still diabetic.

To give you some perspective.  Normal blood sugars will typically be < 100 all the time.   Hba1c of 6.9 gives you average BG of about 160.  Hab1c of 6.3 gives you average BG of about 140.  Still a good deal higher than that of people without diabetes.

You are now officially a "controlled" diabetic.  Please keep working on diet and lifestyle measures to keep your blood sugars as well controlled as you possibly can.  Many people also find that low carb eating or even ketogenic diet is very helpful for putting their diabetes into "remission".

Do you have a blood glucose meter.   It can be helpful to use a blood glucose meter to monitor fasting glucose (ideally < 95) and post eating glucose (ideally < 120).  This will let you see the impact of what you eat on your blood sugars and guide you in modifying your diet.

Hope this helps.
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Expanding on what sally said; even if with diet and exercise you get down into the 5’s on your A1c you are still diabetic.  But work towards that because what kills diabetics - organ damage, cardio-vascular/heart damage, blindness, amputations etc etc - are the result of damage done by all that excess sugar circulating in the blood day in and day out over the years.

So it’s not being under a magic a1c diagnosis number that makes you safe from diabetic complications,  it’s day to day blood sugar control.

So like sally says, get test strips and start monitoring your blood sugars through the day to figure out how to keep glucose low. Lots out there on how to test (before/after food/exercise, mornings... figure out what makes you go high, try to keep it fairly stable)  Walmart has cheap strips and testers that help if you want to do a lot of testing while you figure your body out.

I have a friend who is ~280lb and appears to live on bread from what I can see... she has normal blood sugar control without trying - that’s  someone who is not diabetic... she might damage her metabolism and pancreas over time and become diabetic but she is not now .

On the flip side There might be some super healthy-eating sportswomen out there who’d be diabetic if they ate what you or I did and didn’t exercise, and they just don’t know it.  

Diabetes is not reversible, it can be controllable.
I just want to thank you for your comments and information!  Isn't it maddening how unique we all are. I can watch what I eat, exercise, limit salt and have to worry about blood pressure, for example.  And others do  none of that and are heavier than me and they don't.  Grr.  Genetics. I guess.  Do you have diabetes?
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