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My fasting blood sugar from a 12 hour fast was 101 and I had AC1 of 6.2%. I see numbers way higher then what I have and yet I have begun Diabetic education with daily monitoring of my blood sugar.  Back in 95/96 I was pregnant with Twins and ended up with Gestational diabetes, which was controlled with diet.
What do you think?
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Your fasting glucose level (101) is just over the maximum of 99 mg/dl. This indicates a pre-diabetic condition. While some say the A1c max is  6%, some labs have the max at 7%. In either case, being educated on diabetes prevention and control is good knowledge.
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It's your call. For myself, I would not undertake the chore of daily blood sugar testing until I was diagnosed by a medical doctor as diabetic.

While the blood testing is important to the diagnosis, it is not the only factor. From
"endocrineweb.com"... "Doctors also take into account your physical exam, presence or absence of symptoms, and medical history" in making a diagnosis.

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Provided that your doctor gives you the O.K. I would suggest moderate exercise and cutting back on excess refined carbs. There is no reason why "a pre-diabetic" should have to become diabetic. Watch your weight, eat healthy and get regular medical checkups.

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I'd suggest keeping an eye on it just to be on the safe side.  It's hard to say what can push someone into diabetes (sometimes just stress or wrong diet or just a pooping out pancreas).  I don't think you have to be overly concerned though.  I'd just test maybe once a day, but scatter the times when you do so you know how you run after certain events or meals etc.  Some people only check once a week.  As long as you are keeping an eye on it there shouldn't be anything to worry about though.
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