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Type 2 diabetes and getting the shakes and lightheadedness

I am type 2 diabetes and  sometimes I get the shakes and lightdeadedness and feel like i am going to pass out.  When I check my blood level it is usually around 5.7 and I have had symptoms and my blood levels have been up to 7 at times.  I thought that when you get the shakes etc it was because your blood levels are low.  My doctor thinks that I am crazy when I tell him this.  Could it be something all together different, I am very confused about this.
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I'm type 2 as well and have had these shakes in the morning when my BG's were high. Not sure of the metric number but mine was about 165. This was in the beginning when I first was diagnosed and experimenting on different foods, etc. I was also new on Metformin. It may have been a combination of the meds and not eating the same foods I had been for so long. It's been over a year now and I no longer get the shakes when I do go high.

For you it could be various things. If you are under the care of the dr then that is the best you can do. Try looking at the meds you take and the types of foods you eat and the times that you eat them. You can experiment with this yourself and see if that helps. It did me. Also make sure you drink enough water too. I get shaky when I don't drink water all day.
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I also get the shakes when my blood sugars come down a bit from being very high.    I have also experience low sugar level symptoms when my levels were not low.  The reason, per my endocrinologist, is because my sugar levels were going so very high, my body was used to the higher levels, and is not used to the lower levels, though still very high.  Hope this makes sense.  If your doctor doesn't understand what you're talking about, maybe time for a new Dr.
This is referred to as a false low.  And as you say this is due to your body being used to abnormally high sugar levels.  As your levels come down with insulin use, the feeling of being low at lower sugar levels (which are still normal) should resolve.
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