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Type II Diabetes and Glocosomine

I suffer from arthritis in various joints from time to time and gout. Recently a foot doctor recommended glucosomine to help relieve the arthritis. I've read the Glicosomine is not advised for Type II diabetics. Can someone comment?
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Not all glucosamine products are created equal. In order to best evaluate a product, you need to consider several things. When your healthcare and joint discomfort is at stake, take a moment and consider these criteria: What form is the glucosamine in? What is the total daily dose? Are there any other ingredients? What type is the glucosamine? How pure are the ingredients? If you’re considering taking glucosamine with chondroitin you have another ballgame. Since you didn’t ask about the latter I’ll stick to glucosamine by itself.

If you search the Internet you’ll see inconclusive evidence of glucosamine having negative effects on blood sugar. The consensus, however, is CAUTION and only take glucosamine under the supervision of your doctor, especially if you have diabetes. And be sure to talk with your local pharmacist about potential drug interactions with other medications.

Some reports have taking glucosamine to relieve arthritis may cause a rise in blood sugar levels. They reasoned glucosamine is ten times as powerful as regular glucose thus causing insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can increase fasting blood sugar levels and exacerbate glucose tolerance.

Others reported taking glucosamine may not affect blood glucose levels directly, but some evidence from both animal and human studies suggested that it may promote insulin resistance over time. Over what time and when this would occur varies per individual. Therefore, diabetes patients must exercise extreme caution as glucosamine builds up in the body over time. If you begin to experience unmanageable glucose levels it will take some time for glucosamine to be eliminated from your body. How long is unknown.  Bottom line, talk with your doctor before taking any supplement.

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Thanks for the information on glucosomine. I already take too many pills and am reluctant to take anything without my endocrinologist's approval. Guess I'll look for something else. Anti-inflamatories are not good for me.
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"I already take too many pills"
Be on the safe side and look for drug interactions. Go here and punch in each drug and supplement you take http://tinyurl.com/twainsdrugchecker
Also consult with your local pharmacist if you have questions. You never know if one drug is canceling out others or a combination of drugs are causing hidden side effects.

Good luck. Bay area is overcast today.
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