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Type II Diabetes

My blood sugar went up to 441 last week and it took 3 to 4 days to get it down to 129.  Scared me to death.  Have been diagnosed about 7 years.  Meter and strips were o.k.  Was under some stress due to hurricane.  What should I do when blood sugar goes up that high?  Should I go to emergency room?  Someone told me Soy Sauce would bring it down.  I'm lost......help!
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You should talk with your doctor about a plan.  What to do when your sugar shoots up like that, when it drops too low, sick days, etc.  And too, soy sauce doesn't help a bit!
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"Have been diagnosed about 7 years."

Are you on some sort of diabetic medication like Metformin or insulin?

"My blood sugar went up to 441 last week and it took 3 to 4 days to get it down to 129."

What did you consume to elevate your glucose to such a risky level? And, do you not have medication to lower your glucose to a safe level w/o having to wait 3-4 days?
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