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Type II diabetic condition, my PP sugar rises steep.

I am a Type II diabetic person for the last 10 years. My age is 62. Last time when I took a review, I was surprised to notice that my Post prandial sugar reading was surged from 180 fasting ti 327. This was something alarming. Not the absolute value that concerned me but the surge of the rise from 180 to 327 in just 2 hours. I had one Vada and two Idlys and a Upma in the breakfast, without tea or coffee. The Doctor changed my course of medication. She added two new drugs, viz Dapagliflozin 10 mg, and Rosuvastatin 10 mg. Apart from this my regular medication was Metamorhin 500 mg and Glimepiride 2 mg
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How are you doing with monitoring your diet?  Do you get regular exercise and drink plenty of water?  Sometimes the medications that are helpful and keep things under control for a while, stop working or just need adjusted.  It's important to keep tabs on your diet (low carb), try getting at least 20 minutes of exercise (activity) in a day, and be drinking plenty of water- those things will really go a long way in helping keeping your sugars under control, even if the medication needs adjusting.  The meal that you ate seems very high in carbs- so try to adjust that in the future and get more protein into your meals.  

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A rise from 180 to 327 is not unexpected if you have diabetes and eat high carb foods.

To address this, it is ideal to restrict carbs (focus more on healthy proteins and fats), get exercise, and continue with medications, under your Dr. supervision.
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As mention you dont say what you eat, eating carbohydrates will raise BG.  180 is a prity high fasting BG
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