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Very high bg readings

Let me start out. I was diabetic, had gastric bypass 3 years ago and was taken off metformin as my a1c was like 4.8. I should preface that I always have an issue with high morning numbers. My last a1c was 5.8, so still good but my bg on the test was 200. Now this week I has a wellness screening at work and my fasting bg was 330. The last week or so I have been feeling blah and lightheaded. I called my doctor who wanted me to go to the emergency room but I declined as I was feeling fine. I have been watching what I have been eating the last couple of days and have added metformin at night and the morning 500mg. The doctor at work thinks I may be dehydrated. I am not thirsty. But when I drank about 50 oz of water it did go down 150 points. The thing is I feel fine, except in the morning. My last reading after dinner of a hamburger and a couple of fries was 430. My doctor wants me to check my bg for a week then call with the results. I don’t know what my bg was before this week as I hadn’t checked it. Needless to say I’m worried.
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Sorry to say, it seems like you're diabetic again.   Please monitor your blood sugar levels.  

You may also want to try cutting your carbs / adopting a ketogenic diet.  You will certainly need to be on medications if your blood sugars continue to be this high, perhaps even insulin.  
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I am already back on metformin, but does not seem to be doing any good as my numbers have still not gone down and I have changed my diet to a low carb/sugar diet.
Hi,  Please go see your dr asap, if your numbers are still so high despite diet changes and metformin.  You may need to be on insulin.
I have been in constant contact with my doctor. She wants me to log my numbers for a week then call her.
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Many people have the mistaken notion that doing something to lower their BG is a cure for diabetes. in your case it was losing weight by gastric bypass. gain the weight back and so does diabetes.  in essence you controlled your diabetes by controlling your weight.  

As you now know for some controlling weight can control diabetes for many control their diabetes by controlling their diet.  carbohydrates raise BG ALL carbs raise BG whole wheat will raise your BG.

With BG 300 and 430 you should heed your MD advice and go to the ER.  That BG is dangerously high.  people can go into diabetic coma.

Good luck
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Got my a1c back today and it was 6.5. Not great, but much lower than I thought it would be. Doctor just wants me to take metformin and report my numbers to her on Friday. This morning my bg was 280, still high but 100 points lower that the day before. I know it takes the meds some time take effect. My body is weird. Even when my a1c was 4.8, my morning bg was 200.
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The a1c can be low if the onset of high blood sugars was very recent.

This can happen with type 1 diabetes, which is sometimes a rapid onset.

Was there a recent illness?  Sometimes diabetes can be triggered by an illness.
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