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What happens if I don't fast before a blood test?

I went to a new doctor for a routine check-up before flying out of town for a brief vacation after my home blood pressure machine showed an elevated BP of 142/80.  During the exam, he suggested I have a few blood tests and ordered some lab work. Included in the tests were those for cholesterol and blood glucose.
As the appointment was given at the last minute, I did not fast…nor was I advised to fast. However, just a few hours prior to the tests, I ate my regular breakfast of oatmeal (porridge) sweetened with honey and a few raisins. This was followed with a banana, a kiwi fruit, a few dates and a few almonds and a mug of unsweetened frothy coffee latte.
My results came back showing my cholesterol to be slightly raised, and my blood glucose, he said, showed I am pre-diabetic.
I am a 66 years old male. I am fit, don’t smoke, don’t drink and don’t use any drugs. I am not on any sort of medication and I exercise on a regular basis. Since coming to the USA two years ago to marry a great southern cook, I have added 20+ pounds.
How does not fasting before these blood tests affect the results? Are the tests still valid? Do I need to take them again following an 8 to 10 hour fast?
Any advice will be very well received.
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Ask the doctor if you needed to fast.  we have no idea what the MD wanted, fasting values or not.  Ask him/her.
Thanks. The question was whether eating a meal prior to the test would skew the results, not what the doctor asked. However, I have since spoken with the Doc and he says the test does not require me to fast. Thanks for you interest.
Thats not correct, eating before a cholesterol test will raise cholesterol and Blood sugar.  

But if he was looking for post meal numbers that is one thing and if he was looking for fasting numbers that is something else.  the two are NOT the same.  That is why I said ask the MD.
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