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What is recomended carb intake for a diabetic

For better control of diabetes
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My opinion I would go no higher than 40 total carbs per meal (breakfast lunch and dinner). The lower, the better. replace some carb laden items with protein foods like salmon, chicken. But be watchful that you dont consume too much protein.
Get a BG meter and test 1 hour after eating...  Bg over 140 causes  damage to your body.  its not  carbs its BG so how many carbs can you eat and have good BG  ONLY way to tell is to test.
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Im keeping my diet less than 180g of carbs a day and less than 1900 calories a day. But based on my reading, it depends on how your body processes food and handle sugar. Youll have to test your blood sugar every hour for 3-4 days to see how your body reacts to food.
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Hi tony5120, welcome to the MedHelp Type 2 Diabetes Community. This article from MedHelp.org and our Sugar Sense app gives an average number of carbs per meal (45 to 65 grams); you can use these numbers as a guideline but should also check with your healthcare provider.

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Depending on your results from your blood sugar meter you may need to eat much lower carb to manage blood sugars. This is called "eat to your meter" appraoch.   An alternative low carb approach recommended by Dr. Bernstein is detailed in his book "Diabetes Solutions" and also discussed on Utube at "Bernstein Diabetes University".  He recommends typically about 30 g of carbs / day mostly from non-starchy veges.

You will need to experiment and see what works for you.

Certainly the approach is now moving away from the 'conventional' high carb low fat towards, low carb, moderate to higher protein, and heathy fats to appetite.  
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