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What is the best lose weight for tpe2 and hart failed

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Welcome.  Have you been newly diagnosed?  I'm going to post a link to articles here that I think are very helpful.  It's all the diabetes articles with things about work outs and eating----  the portion control article is a good one to check out.  Here's the link:  http://www.medhelp.org/diabetes?section=articles

Take a look through those and we'll answer any questions!  good luck
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Gluten free or paleo diet I have found effective. No wheat or white bread, rice, potato. Hardy nuts and seeds will lower blood sugar numbers. Working on alternative receipies. Myself
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Welcome 19Peanut76 to the MedHelp Type 2 Diabetes Community!

You need to set up a meal plan with your healthcare provider that's achievable for you and includes weight loss as a goal. Here's some advice on how to create a diet that works for you from the Sugar Sense app and MedHelp.org


You can also find this in the app in the Health Guide. To get there, tap the bar menu in the upper left hand corner and then scroll down to the Health Guide. This article is in the Eat Right section.
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There is recent research about ketogenic diet and nutritional ketosis being beneficial for management of heart failure and weight loss. You may want to look further into this.  

Some cardiologists are beginning to support this approach, although some also follow the opposite approach of very low fat, low salt, etc....    
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I'm in the same situation and I have to tell you the smartest thing you could do is research the KetoDiet, ketogenesis. There are a lot of people reversing diabetes with this diet
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