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Why are my levels so high?

Hello everyone. I wanted to ask a question about blood sugar levels.  Normally my a1c stays between 4 and 5%.    A few weeks ago the doctor said that my a1c is now 6.7%.  also my good cholesterol levels are low.  My fasting blood sugars range from 140 to 163.   2 hours after eating my blood sugar levels are 183-202.  I have never been diagnosed as being a diabetic, but a few years ago my doctor said I was pre-diabetic.  So with the numbers that I am getting now, does this mean I am going to inevitably get diabetes?

Thanks in advance.
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Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but with your numbers you already ARE diabetic; I'm surprised your doctor didn't diagnose you. The cutoff A1C for diabetes is 6.5. Fasting blood sugar cutoff is 126. So you are well into that range. What you don't say is what you are doing differently since you realized you have this issue? Your numbers at this point are critically high. You want to get your fasting blood sugars down under 100 if possible (at least try for under 120 for now) and your after eating bg's to under 140. If you are not already doing these things:You need to learn about good eating, eliminating sugar and reducing carbs. Exercise and weight loss if you are overweight also are critical. But with numbers like yours I am assuming your doctor will want to start you on an oral medication. If your doctor is not helping you (as it sounds) ask to be referred to an endocrinologist.
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Actually, an A1c of 5.6% equates to 126 mg/dl which is knocking on the door of diabetes land. Anything above 5.6% is NOW considered diabetes. Then we have your A1c of 6.7% which equates to 161 mg/dl, well into diabetes land.

Like Zoelula stated, go see an Endocrinologist who will provide proper diabetes care that your current doctor is ignoring.
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Thanks for your responses.  I have an appointment wit y doctor in the morning.  I am going to ask for a referral because as you have stated Waverider, my doctor is ignoring things that should be given attention.  

Zoelula, right now the only thing I am doing is trying to lose weight.  My BMI is 55.1.  So I am considered morbidly obese.   I start exercise plans, even working with a trainer, but then I quit because I hate the way I feel when I'm exercising.  I will be the first to admit that I have no idea what to do about a special diet.  But there is a nutritionist available so I will talk to her.

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Proper nutrition means to accentuate the positive when it comes to food. I dislike the word diet. “Diet” implies a rigorous, self-sacrificial discipline that’s doomed to fail. Instead, focus on achieving food goals of what you should eat each day rather than what you shouldn’t eat. When you consume more vegetables, eat more fish & more salads, healthy fats [such as olive oil and nuts], lean proteins, fruits combined with low carbohydrate, low calorie, low starchy foods, your hunger will be satisfied and you will naturally want to make better choices.
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Good luck, Jamie, let us know how it goes.
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