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Why does my estimated A1C on this app say 5.0?

My 30 day BG average is 95. I work really hard to control my BG. Test twice a day. Walk twice a day. Eat locarb, no processed foods or alcohol, locarb fruit and veggies. One Metformin ER 500 mg. I'm hoping to get off that end of April. Do I have a good chance of that?  I'm down 30#'s since last May.
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Hi there, it sounds like you're doing great! If you email our support team at ***@****, they can tell you more about how the estimated A1C is calculated. Are you recording the numbers you get twice a day in the app? The more BG readings you enter, the more accurate the estimated A1C is. And remember of course, that an estimated A1C is just that, an estimate. But at 5.0 I believe you are well below the threshold for people with diabetes (per the American Diabetes Association, you want numbers less than 7%).
sorry that's support AT medhelp DOT org
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I record in the Sugar Sense app  twice a day.
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losing weight and eating low carb could certainly get your BG numbers down.  However  an A1c is an average  over 3 months.  your testing only 2 times a day.   you could be going high at times your not testing without knowing it and that would raise your A1c.  

what is your BG 30 minutes or 1 hour after eating your low carb fruit?
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