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Why wont this lower.. 360 plus

I'm 35, and I cant get my blood sugar below 250 either, but most days, like all day today, it's up around 360 plus most of time. Triciglides around 960 last labs not too long ago. Doc didn't seem to worries about that. Said i'll go down when blood sugar does.  Didnt eat breakfast, Smart lunch and small supper. I eat small portions and I've cleaned up what I eat, lots of salmon and little sugars, starch, ect. I'm on 1000 mg metformin, 5mg farxiga, i take hawthron Berries and few other herbs that is OK with meds, and Cut sugar and cleaner down to 2 in morning coffee and STILL wont go down. Been this way for months. I used to feel Horrible, but now I think I'm just used to it. I have lost job tho due to couldn't pass psyical (cld) Anyone have any Ideas?
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Yes. See an endochronologist and get a referral to a nurse-practicioner.

There are sometimes complex reasons why simple diet does not work, particuliarly in disorders of the Pancreas.
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My 2 cents

I am NOT an MD just a person with diabetes and well controlled.

farxiga  prevents the liver from absorbing and storing glucose  (thus the liver has less glucose to release)  you need something to lower BG running BG as high as you do is going to lead to some realy bad complications in the future.  I would look into insulin to help with BG control.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and getting to know about me. My name is Eric, im a 35 year old divorced father of two. My son, Kyle is 14. My daughter, Hailey Dawn is 12 and my gifriends son, Gage is 12. Of course Gage is my son aswell.Im currently unemployed for various reason you will learn if you read ALL this, lol. But the ONLY thing keep in me from driving (local truck driver) is my blood sugar lvls. Cant pass the DOT psyical.

Im very new to this and it really scares me. Lost my grandpop to diabetes a little while ago. I would of never guessed id hsve it now. But that and heart disease and everything else runs in my family. Im adpoted so don't really know the whole gest of my bio family health. I have chest pains alot, and even pain down left arm, neck hurts all at Same time. Stress they say. Which I am under a HUGE ammount of stress. Ive had a heart cathitor and it came back clean. Had ecg, eks, the works and so far no heart attack or no sign. I do get alot of heart palptations a day, but have had those for last 10 years. I also have Reflux issues, or GERD. As long as I take two prilosec a day in good. And then my back. I jacked up my back a few years ago moving a sofa. The MRI said it was a corroded disc? Something like that. Said id prolly need Surgery and shots in back to control pain.

I cant stand or walk longer then 10 to 20 minutes without my legs going compleatly numb and burning like they are in fire. My under legs and thighs have been should going numb for years. Both legs. Im a mess. I was born and raised on a big farm in Iowa. My father, whom I love very much, but we have not said it to eachother since the day I left for boot camp in 99, Is the hardest working man ive ever known. And im not bein bias. He was in a tractor rollover when I was just a baby, and broke his back. Told him he wouldnt walk again. Put two Rods down the length of his spine. He defied the odds, and gained fully mobility of his legs.

Fwd 40 years, both Rods have been broke for years  every time he takes a step in alot of pain, been that way for years. And yet he still runs a 3000 acre farm, with 150 head if cattle. With just two hired hands. And me of course growing up. He never went to the doctor. Never. From hours upon hours of riding in a combine day after day, year after year, or grinding feel or mowing, raking and baleing hay. To throwing hay, hauling grain. My Dad did it all, and still does to this day. With broken Rods in his back. He did FINALLY get Surgery a few years back. So I guess when I got hurt or didnt feel good, i just rubbed some dirt on it like my Dad did. And that cost me dearly, as yall can see. Now I make sure my children KNOW of anything hurts or doesnt seem right, GO TO THE DOCTOR.

Thanks again for taking time out of your day to learn about me. God Bless
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you need to see an endocrinologist and you need to be on insulin to get your blood sugars normal.  Your blood sugars are 4x normal (normal blood sugar before eating is around 80.  Normal blood sugar after eating is < 120.  This is going to give you very bad complications.

Please see a doctor and get treated.  If you current dr won't give you insulin, find another doctor.  You need to be on INSULIN. Sounds like you have a lot to live for with  young family.  YOu need to get your blood sugars down in order to be there and healthy for them.

Let us know what happens with you.
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Damn You've Been through alot and so has your dad I read this and I have nothing to ***** about, Just When I thought i had it bad Their are other out their who are worse off then I.

The Only Issue We have in common Is This Diabetes I'm a typ 2 using the Lantus Flexpen at night and Novolog Flexpen during the day with meds of course Last Night my BG was 328 and I was Just in the Hospital due to having a BGR of 468 a while back then I had abdominal pain with reminded of of when I had Pancreatitis So I went it, so they did ekg, blood work , urine sample, ct scan, and an xray on me they come back to tell me my white blood cell count was high and that I have blood in my urine and i have an infection but we don't know where it it is ( smfh) ! So close to almost 10pm the doc asked how i was feeling and asked if i felt good enough to go home, I'm like in my saying in the back of my head hell your not finding where the infection is I may as well go home Right so I leave check out and all I chalked it up to G.I. Issue !!!
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