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Will I always have Type 2 Diabetes?

I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes when I was Pregnant with my Twins in 2012 after having the Glucose Intolerance Test it proved I was slightly over the threshold.
I was given Metformin tablets to help bring my Blood Sugars down, and was told that once the twins were born it would go.....But it could come back one day.
After having the twins at my 6 weeks post natal check up I had another Glucose Intolerance test done and it showed things were within the normal range.
But last year I began showing signs and symptoms  of diabetes and went to my G.P who sent me for tests that came back as positive for Type 2 Diabetes.
I am currently taking Metformin 500mg 2 tablets twice a day.
Anyone else been through the same as me?
Will I always have diabetes?? When does it become Type 1??
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You will always be T2  you can control it and have normal BG numbers, then you will be a T2 who is in control.  T2 never turns to T1  T1 is a different disease.  A T2 can become insulin dependent, that is not T1 just because you need insulin.
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You are still fairly young.  Please also have your dr test for adult onset type 1 - they can test for whether your insulin levels are high or low, and this will give some indication if it is type 1 or type 2.  They can also test for antibodies.

Adult onset type 1 is more common in women who had gestational diabetes.

It the oral meds are not controlling blood sugars well, do not hesitate to ask your dr to let you go on insulin.  Insulin makes control much easier and better compared to oral meds, in many cases.

Anyway, please be aggressive about diabetes management.  You havew young kids that need you to stay healthy.
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My dad was diagnosed with type 2 and was put on medication for it several years ago.  But, he lost weight and is very careful with his diet, and is no longer taking the meds. He may still be a diabetic, but I think in his case, he is considered "controlled".
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Good for your Dad,  yes that is controlled, if he gains back the weight and or goes back to his old eating habits his BG will go up again.
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