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a1c and eag

I was diagnosed with type 2 on about Aug 1. My last a1c on Sept 23 was 7.7%. I have been home monitoring since Oct 3 daily alternating fpg and ppg. My average reading is 7.6 mmol. Using the formula 1.583 x a1c -2.52 = eAG and solving for a1c, my indicated a1c is <6.5%. Can I assume my last lab test will yield close to 6.5%?  I will get the result this Friday. Just need a little confidence booster.

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If you tested daily for the past 2-3 months where your daily glucose level was equal to but not higher than 7.8 mmol/l, then, yes, you should yield close to an A1c of 6.5%.
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7.6 is the average of testing since Oct 3; some higher, some lower. the higher readings were encountered when I started testing. the lower more recent.
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Well, the test results are in. My a1c is 6.3%. This relates to an eAG of 7.4 which is very close to my actual average glucose of 7.6.

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Congratulations Asok 475 on lowering your A1c by 1.4%! As you can attest by your diligence, lowering ones glucose level can be accomplished. Keep working at it in order to obtain the optimum of 5%. Good luck and keep us posted on your well being.
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Thanks for the post. My doctor was delighted. I have lost almost 50 lbs. since diagnosis.
However excercise is a problem with my arthritic ankle. As a former runner, I hope to do some walking/jogging once the snow goes.Certainly <6% is attainable,

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