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abdominal pain

I have upper left abdominal pain,diareha,stomach gurgling,acidy stomach and weight gain. It has been pretty consistent for a couple months it eases up sometimes I want to know if it could be something serious like cancer or something less serious like ulcersy blood sugar was recently tested and it was high it has sent came back high in the past the pain is in the location ofy pancreas
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I’m sorry to hear that you have been dealing with gastrointestinal (GI) problems for the past couple months. Unfortunately, the GI symptoms you are describing could be linked to a number of issues, including adverse effects from certain medications, diet, stress, and a number of disease states. Similarly, high blood sugar can occur for a number of reasons including an infection (like a urinary tract infection), a side effect of certain medications, and as a result of certain medical conditions.

I suggest you visit your physician so that he or she can better target the route of this issue. Don’t forget to bring a full list of your medications, since one or more could possibly be making your symptoms worse. In the mean time, I recommend that you begin keeping a journal so you can record if there are certain triggers (certain foods, stressful situations, etc) that make the pain worse. I would try your best to limit your exposure to any triggers once you notice them as well.

Best of Luck!
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