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can diabetes cause stump pain in above kneee amputee?

I am an 55yr m, above knee amputee. I had an accident when I was 15.
it seems lately when I walk a far distance I get what feels like muscle ache in my stump. but it is also the same type of ache I get in my good leg (lower part) and bottom of foot.  p.s. I have gained a little weight since I got my prosthesis.
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Hi.  I assume you are diabetic.  How is your Hba1c?  Diabetes can cause neuropathy, particularly if your sugars are higher than optimal.  Note that normal non-diabetic hba1c is typically 4.6 - 4.8 which corresponds to typical blood sugar ranges of about 70 - 100.  

People with diabetes are often told to target much higher levels.  This can set you up for complications.

If your sugars are high would suggest working to lower them (low carb diet, meds, exercise).  Would also be good that you can get checked by a specialist to make sure there are no problems with the fitting of your prosthesis.
I had it checked last month and its at 7.1

thank you for your time
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Hi Tony, with an hba1c of 7.1 your average blood sugars are about 170, which is certainly high enough to cause neuropathy.  Nerve damage is known to be caused with blood sugars above about 120 - 140.

If you can it would be great if you can get tighter control.    Many find that low carb diet is very helpful or reducing sugar levels (ADA just put out a statement that low carb diets can be very helpful for reducing blood sugar and a1c levels).  To find more information you can check out Bernstein Diabetes University on U-tube.  There are also many other sites talking about low carb / keto diet for diabetes management.   These can also be useful for weight management.  People with diabetes can't handle carbs very well.  So it is most logical to restrict those carbs, to make management easier.

As well, do get your prosthesis checked to be sure that there isn't simply a problem with fit that could be easily addressed.
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