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Av been told i Av diabetes 2..breakfast this morning 2 boiled eggs....Ryvita bread..soya spread....herbal tea..nd tablets....lunch is a salad....tea is weight watchers meal..i drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day along with my herbal tteas .. Eat lots of fruit no bananas..can anyone give me any advice with the above thank u
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Get a BG meter and test before you eat and 1 hour/ 2 hours after you eat.  You will find that most fruit will raise your BG too high  (over 140 is too high US measure)

Its carbohydrates that raise BG.  not fat, not alcohol.  carbs Raise BG.
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be sure to balance the carbs with protein.  My dietician says that 30 carbs a meal is good with a balance of protein.  The protein keeps the carbs from blasting your levels up too fast.  Good luck.
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You can also take a diatary suppliment called Cinnamon with chromimum. I take 2 capsules 3 times a day along my med and I drink green tea. Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar.
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Im glad 30 gr of carbs works for you  personly 30 gr would put me well into the high 200.  each person is different. that is why we say eat to your meter.  check BG COUNT YOUR CARBS eat, test 1 hour, 2 hour after eating.  That is the ONLY way to know if the carbs you eat are the carbs your body can handle.

You cant get that info from an A1c test for that tells you the average BG and NOT where your running high or low.
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